Monday, July 14, 2014

White Bread is My Lover

Sometimes I think I could make sweet sweet love to white bread.  It is beautiful...white bread.  It's like little soft pillows of delicious carbs sent from Heaven.

And in our is a delicacy.  Much like perhaps lobster is in yours.  It's rare.  It's naughty.  And I lust it. 

You see, here in the South they make these things...these little delicious things...called Tomato Sandwiches. 

Basically, you take 2 pieces of bread...add some mayonnaise.  Then, you put some slices of tomatoes on the bread, sprinkle some salt and pepper and slap the other piece of bread on top.

A sammich sent from Cupid himself.  That darling little Cherub of love.

And it's Heather's fault.  Two summers ago we happened to have some white bread in the house and she made one.  And I don't even really care about tomatoes!  But something about the whiteness of the bread, so moist and tender...and the salt and the pepper...


The stuff of dreams.

So, every once in awhile, usually during these hot summer months...I buy a loaf of white bread.  And sneak it into the house.

Don't try and tell me it is the same as wheat.  It's not.  I KNOW THINGS.  And because eventually the tomatoes run out and there is white bread left, and BECAUSE I don't want to be wasteful...I must eat other things with the white bread.  Grilled cheese sammie with smoked Gouda cheese as the best supporting actor...toast with jam...


And listen.  I KNOW that white enriched bread breaks down in  your system like a candybar.  Hush yo'selves.  There is nothing you can tell me that will make the pitterpatter of my heart stop.  If it makes you feel any better, I DID add Chia Seeds to my pb & J today...and it was delicious. 

So there. 

I win.


  1. I feel the same about cucumber sandwiches.. just swap tomatoes for cucs.. it's the stuff dreams are made of!!!

  2. What in the what?! How can you eat white bread with your band? Almost nothing will get me more stuck than white bread! Toasted, however, works pretty well... grilled cheese also works....

  3. Sadly, I have the same feelings for white bread :)

  4. I toast my bread and add pesto. And mozzarella. HEAVEN in a sammie. I get it. Totally,


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