Friday, May 23, 2014

Playing Hard To Get...

You know, in real life, I am not very good at playing hard to get.  Sometimes, when Heather sasses off that I do not have the ability to play hard to get, I decide I will teach her a lesson...but that lasts about 4 minutes.  I am weak.  But I would like to say that in the blogging world, that my m.o. here is that the less I blog, the more you will appreciate it when I DO blog.  Yes?  No?

I know. 

As always, I think about clever little things to share with you all the time.  It just turns out, I never sit down to actually put keys to board and turn my thoughts into words. 

So let us start with some of my most recent thoughts.

1.  Swimsuit Season

I do realize that some of you live in locales that have "seasons"...where one cannot wear a swimsuit all the year round.  I seriously envy you.  I miss seasons.  However, I guess the official swimsuit season is upon us...regardless of where we live (let's pretend we are all residing in the US at the moment...).  Heather and I were at the beach the other day and I was on my beach towel, in my bikini, all 179 pounds of me, stretch marks...cellulite...boob scars peeping out from the triangle bikini top...and do you know what I was doing?  Judging.  Yes, I was talking about other people's bodies and their attire choices. 

And then, the irony of that hit me and I said out aloud "Who am I to be talking about people's bodies?"

Crazy isn't it?  I suppose it makes us feel better about ourselves.  And as I reflect, it was really about their choice of swimwear...but then again...if they want to flaunt what they got...who am I to judge?   I certainly flaunt what I got and it aint that pretty!  I just thought it was amusing, in a not so amusing way.

2.  Shirtless Races

Along the same lines of "where do I get off", I did something in one of races a couple of weeks ago that I didnt think that I would ever do.  Half way through the race, I took my shirt off.  You see, what had happened was...I had not wore this particular WonderWoman top whilst racing before.  And about 6 miles in, after several mud baths and other water obstacles, it was falling off.  Straps be falling down.  Amy be getting angry.  Mainly because there we were 6 miles in and there were over 4 miles left and I hate running with a passion...but I blamed my anger on tiny spaghetti straps.  So I took it off. 

This left me in a sports bra for the remainder of the race.  And I was so self conscience.  Well, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being "I'm an underwear model" and 10 being "I would like to bury myself in a hole", I was probably a 6...but still.  I was well aware of my lack of top for the remainder of our time. 

This was my outfit before...
And this is was what I looked like at the end.

You see what is going on there? You see that stomach lapping over?  I dont know if you do or don't, but it's the first thing I notice.  We are often our harshest critic though aren't we?  But let me tell you something awesome about this picture...something that a lot of people who saw this probably didn't know.  Superhero Scramble decided to use a similar picture of both Rachel and I on their website and in some of their promotional materials...mainly bc it is pretty badass that you have two chick helping each other.  Usually there is a dude pulling a girl up.  Not that day buddy.

This is the picture they used.

(notice my weight loss arms?  I do.)

Anywhoozle, what really DOES give me pride is that both of us in this picture are products of WLS.  Me the band, Rachel gastric bypass.  Here are two girls who once would have never been able to do this...and now...we can, we do, we did.  I wrote about it on Facebook...that it was being at the end of a ski rope, unable to hold on long enough to get on top of the water, that was one of the turning points in my journey towards getting the lapband...and now...because of the lapband and alot of working out...I can not only get up on that ski rope, I can climb all sorts of rope and hold my weight.  And mama still has a lot of that is saying something.


  1. Love these pics - and I think you looked great with just your sports bra on!

  2. All I see when I look at your pics is how amazingly bad@$$ you look!!! You're awesome!

  3. I wish I could look half as amazing in a sports bra. You go girl!

  4. You are still my main blog that pushes me to keep going...after a twin pregnancy and gaining back about 68 lbs that I had lost, I'm on my way again..lost 15 last month and need to refocus, so thank you for is a great thing because you look AWESOME!