Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wonder Woman

The Tough Mudder in Jacksonville is finally upon us!  We must have signed up a million years ago, and have been talking about it and training for it ever since. 

I am so ready for it to come...and then just be a wonderful memory!

Our team's costume theme, which is not required but really...what's the point of doing a race if you can't look SuperHero's.  I did not pick this theme, but since half of our team is BORING, my girlfriend included, they vetoed my Tough Mudder Trucker idea (which included trucker hats, cut off shorts, wife beaters, aviator sunglasses, and tube socks), and agreed on the Hero theme (because the boring people could order these underarmour alter ego shirts).

I digress.

So Carmen and I ordered these outfits from Spencers.  They have them in store, but in store they didn't have the cuffs or headband...and let's be frank...the cuffs and headband make the costume.  Those shorts are quit snug yes?  I mean, Wonder Woman didnt wear UnderArmour capris under her bloomers...but mama will be.  If I could have found the proper mom high-waisted undies that she really wore...I MIGHT have ran in just those.

But alas...I could not find them.

I would also like to take this time to apologize to the 16 of you who read my post from last night.  I wrote that poor little feller while under the influence of Ambian. I reread it this morning and holy Jamba may have been the worst thing I have ever written.  There were spelling errors (more so than normal), grammatical errors (again, more so than normal), and it was a hodge podge of randomness.  I barely made sense to myself.  So I just went back and edited it to make it a little more cohesive.


Happy Wednesday friends!

May the force be with you!


  1. Super cute! Have fun at Tough Mudder.

  2. That is the greatest thing I've ever seen!!

  3. did the toughmudder with my team this past weekend in Toronto. Had a blast! froze our butts off due to the weather. It is all very doable - more the mental aspect of the obstacles! have fun - you are more than ready!

  4. Adorable!! Makes me want to do the race just for the outfit possibilities!!

  5. OMG love that costume!! WonderWoman is my fave! You're right, the cuffs and headband certainly do make the outfit. You didn't mention it, but I love your invisible plane parked behind you.

  6. Please tell me where you got the Wonder Woman and the other superheroes outfits PLEASE !!!!!