Friday, June 26, 2009


I went yesterday to my hairdresser for a trim and color touch up. Oh to be 29 and worried about gray hair. She touched up the roots and the color underneath on the backside. Last time she did my hair she made it a darker brown underneath. This time...she made it BLACK! I did not notice this until I got back to work! BLACK! UH-NO. I doesnt look natural on me at all. You can't see it unless I have my hair pulled up or forward over my shoulder...but still.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B

No. So, I called back and am going in today to have it fixed. This is hard for me. I am the person who doesnt like to return things to a store bc I dont want the customer service people to be mad at me! But I tip really well, and she didnt mention anything about black. From the front it is perfectly fine.

Why? What was she thinking?


  1. umm black is no good...It does look pretty from the front but I dont like the black either!

  2. Yeah, I'm on that too. No to the black, summer skunk head...just saying. You are to young to be worried about grey girl. You do look fab from the front, I like the highlights!

  3. The black is a bit harsh but that said its not totally awful. Still you have to be comfortable if you want to wear it up, so go back and just tell them. If they're smart they will fix it - especially if they want you coming back!!

  4. When I saw your blog title, I thought you were going to say more hair falling out. Some people like it like that, but I'm like you, I prefer it to look natural, so it should all be close to the same color right? It really doesn't look that bad, but it's not cheap to get your hair colored, so it should be how you like it.

  5. I agree with everyone... get them to fix it at no cost!!! Missed your blog while gone a week - loved catching up on all your posts...