Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pass the Milk Please

Hello all of my lovely ladies! Thanks for the kind words yesterday. I am recovery well. In typical Amy fashion, I recover rather nicely from a crisis. Give me 20 minutes of the world is ending and I am better. A good cry or a good laugh can fix most things. I seldom get like that...basically bc I push everything out of my mind until it attacks me all at once...but I think that's better than worrying about everything all of the time.

I ate 2 chocolate chip cookies today. Bad Amy. But they were yummy and only one small blip on the radar of good eating.

For you guys that like the blue flower pots...I got them at Old Time Pottery. I don't know if these are everywhere or just in the south...however...I paid (or should I say TRACEY paid) just $20 a pot which is awesome since they are about $60 at Target.

I am going to go drink my water now, in my feeble attempt to wash away the sin. Sin...THY NAME IS COOKIE!


  1. mmmm...cookies....I Love Old time Pottery I have the green pot like that one.

  2. Glad you're better today Amy. I came into your blog hoping you had written something chattier because you strike me as a 'bounce back quickly' kinda gal and it seems I was right. It's a great way to live life (bouncing back quickly.. oh blahh, I'm shutting up now lol)
    I must post a pic of MY blue bowl. I have some plant in it, but I love that royal blue colour, have a fair bit of it in the house. The bowl is just one of many xx
    Speak soon

  3. I'm glad you're feeling back to your normal self too.... wish we had an Old Time Pottery -sounds wonderful! And don't beat yourself up on the cookies... sometimes, a cookie or two (just not twenty) heals a lot! :-)