Thursday, June 11, 2009


Here at work our time off is called PTO (paid time off). This is pretty common. Yesterday I had to take 4 hours of PTO. Do you know why? So I could go home and poop in peace! That's right....I took POOP time off. hahahahaha

You see, ever since I started taking these damn prenatals to help curb the hairloss, things have gone from bad to worse down in the poo shoot. Yesterday when I woke up and tried to go I had really bad sharp pains in my lower back. I googled it and did you know constipation can cause lower back pain bc that's where your intestines are? I did not know this. So anyways, I took a poopy pill around 10:00am and didnt want to chance that all systems might be a go while I was at work, so I took the afternoon off.

I am feeling a little better today!

Something happened in bed last night....(don't be scared). Tracey and I sleep pretty close to each other and sometimes he throws and elbow or two and cracks me in the head. Well last night I was dreaming about potatoes and onions (we had some for dinner), and felt this blow to my eye socket. He backhanded me right in the eye! HARD! I sat up in bed holding my eye and he didnt move. I finally woke him up and said " just punched me". He couldnt believe it. He started apologizing and told me that he was having a dream that we were wrestiling in cowboys boot and underwear and he accidently hit me in his dream. hahahahahaha funny. I have been milking it all day.

On the hairloss front...we went to the beach this weekend and took some pictures when my hair was wet...SWEET MOTHER OF ROGAINE! You can totally see my bald spot now.


  1. OMG...LMAO...that cracked me up about him punching you in his sleep...I know your eye probably hurts milk it for all its worth!!!

  2. Do you have any bruising on your eye??? That would really make him feel bad if he gave you a black eye!! Ha ha!! How are you able to swallow those prenatal vitamins?? I remember those being honkers. I can't imagine trying to swallow them. I keep thinking I should take fiber chews or pills for the poo shoot (as you call it), but when you read the warning on the back of all those Metamucil packages, it talks about drink when you take these (which we are not supposed to do) or it could get stuck in your throat. That scares me, so I will not try them. Anyway.....take care.

  3. I'm not sure if it's Metamucil or Citricel....anyway those fiber items they sell.

  4. we were instructed to take benefiber regularly if we need to.. it's flavorless and blends well apparently.. I don't take it (no need, yet!).

    good luck!!

  5. LOLOL Amy, you never fail to make me laugh. Your terminology about constipation is a classic. Always putting it out there!! Love it. Hope your eye is ok darl.... ouch, ouch (I've been known to do 'a Tracey' and thwack MOTH a cracker in the head too (though not sure if I was dreaming of being in my underwear and wrestling... I like that dream though! lol)Get some ice on it quick!! xx

  6. Jeez louise... Poop time off, I love it. About the hair loss, I can totally relate, sister. My hair is STILL falling out and I am almost a year post op. Of course, I did have a second surgery in December so that my have contributed to the problem. The prenatal vitamins probably have iron in them and will add to your POOP problem. Oh, and Miralax is expensive, but it works pretty well and it really is tasteless. I put it in coffee if I need a little "help".

  7. NO black eye. ALthough I thought about waking up early and smudging some makeup around to scare him! LOL...bad boy. Good story though.

    I can swallow those big pills just fine. We arent really supposed to be swallowing pills per MR. Doctors orders, but I do. Bad Amy. My coworker who had bypass takes iron daily and started taking asadopholis (however you spell it) and now her poop is on track. I might try that.

    The other day on LBT there were two seperate posts with poop related issues. They were all polite and said something like "I hate to talk about this...and I dont want to gross anyone out but...does anyone have problems going to the bathrooom?"

    I was like...THats it? I answered both of them and told them I talk a lot worse about the old BM's on my blog! SO I just say what some people may be thinking, but have better manners and wont say it or type it aloud :)

  8. PTO, I was thinking you were gonna tell us you were Poop-shy which is a common ailment at my house. My youngest can't go anywhere that people might hear or smell the after action! I think it is hilarious. But now with the other oldest got a black eye once, from our Dixie girl (black lab doggie). She was bending down to give her a kiss and the dog had a bad habit of jumping up at you, well, my DD got a good crack under her eye around the cheek and didn't think anything of it. A few hours later she comes in my room and HOLY PURPLE EYESHADOW BATMAN, I thought she'd forgotten how to apply makeup and why the heck did she only do ONE EYE? It looked pretty bad, but we have a good story to share. Be good Amy girl.

  9. Awww.. I hate it when that doesnt happen to often, but when I does, it scares the shit outta me.. However, when my 3 year old daughter decides to camp in our bed, I have to protect my face and of course my port site, because she tends to practice her kung fu skills in her sleep..
    You're lucky that you can take Poopy Time Off.. I have to try to run out back in between fun at all.. LMAO
    xx nene

  10. That was funny! I think I may need some poop time off tomorrow after drinking all of this boo-boo tea today! LOL!

    I didnt think to take prenatals for my hairloss....thanks for that idea! my hair is coming out by the handfuls!

  11. LOL! I have done that before (on the poop front). Since having the band I have major issues in that husband and I often wonder just what I would weigh if I had normal BM's.

    I am almost 11 post-op and still lose TONS of hair. Biotin helped but it made my hair in other areas really thick, so it was a no go for me :).