Saturday, June 20, 2009

Have You Punched a Wall Today

This week I have worked out the hardest since surgery. Since completing my 5k in early April, I havent really exercised much at all. But I decided I needed to embrass this hurdle of exercising, because you can't deny it is part of changing a lifestyle.
So, 2 days of bootcamp and yesterdays sweatfest volleyball games. I am on my period, but on the last day. I have been eating right. Not too much, not too little. Watching the snacking and salt. Drinking tons of water. I have even been pooping on my own almost every day (golf claps). So I got on the scale today....and it is UP 2 POUNDS!
I almost punched the wall.
My official weigh in is Monday, but still. So frustrating. And I hate how that I let my weight set the tone of my day.
I then headed off to Old Navy bc they had their tank tops for $2...and I wear them a lot on the weekend. Let me just tell you...IT WAS MADNESS! People were lined up before they opened. It was like the day after Thanksgiving. The gates opened and there were 3 big tables with tanks. You would have thought they were giving out gold chains or something. I refused to elbow people over tank tops, so I waited for a hole in the crowds and managed to get 2 tank tops. I wear XXL, and usually they have a limited number in those that was a bust.


  1. Not a good day, That sucks Im sorry...

  2. That's why I only weigh once a week, my weight bounces too much daily.

    I think I have some Old Navy XL white tanks in my too big bin if you'd like'll fit into them in no time.

  3. I Wanted to go there this morning but I had to work, BOOOO. I have to get new clothes but I dont have the money right now!!

  4. Dont sweat the 2lbs.. You are on ur period remember... our weight fluctuates alot at that time.. Love ur volleyball pics..
    xx Nene

  5. Honey, there's a strong possibility that the 2 lbs you've gained could be MUSCLE. You've been busting ass! By volume, muscle weighs more than fat does. TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS. I bet you've gone down!!!

  6. ya know my weight flucuates by 4 lbs throught the day. It totally suck but it happens :) maybe thats what happned.You were just holding a bit of water :) LOVE you Amy!