Monday, June 1, 2009

Pics from the Weekend

What is funny about this picture is that I hate it because I have dangly arm. I told Tracey that because he loves this picture....I told him I didnt and pointed out why. He said I was crazy....that he didnt notice any of that. Gotta love him!
I started eating like crap this afternoon. Had a little bag of sunchips. Got home and I had been cooking a roast all day. Put the most wonderful bbq on it and shredded that sucker. I ate probably a full cup and a half of that and then ate 2 Fiber Bars! Ooopsie!


  1. You are so cute, I just love your pictures... Isnt it funny how others dont see the flaws that we see in ourselves.. When someone says "Hey Nene, you look great, you've lost some weight", I just look at my reflection of my over hanging gut, and say, "I got a long way to go though'.. makes me wonder... will I ever be truely happy with my body?... I love your confidence.. And you are looking so fantastic and radiant..
    xx nene

  2. We are our worst critics, my dear! I didn't notice until you told me. However, I know me and I would totally notice that on myself. I have "dangly arm" too on both arms really bad. HATE it. BY FAR the worst thing about myself, in my opinion. I also bet it won't go away with weight loss since it's almost always been there. BLECH!

  3. Amy - i think you look fabulous!!! Tracey is right. And I have the same arms... I think that will be where the plastic surgery has to be when/if it happens!!!

  4. Amy,

    You crack me up with the poses you pull. Don't worry about your arms. I'm with the other girls, I hadn't noticed it until you said it. I was busy looking at how radiant you are (sounds sucky? well, its the truth.. so there!! lol)
    I also wanted to say a huge thanks for being there when I was banded. Your comments and encouragement mean the world to me. You're a star.
    Cara xx

  5. Adorable photo -- and nice yoga pose! :) I love how silly you are!


  6. Thank you ladies! I am getting the feeling that our bodies are easier to fix than our minds. Tracey actually made me do the pose, so of course, I shall perform on request :) It was hard to do in the ocean since the dang water kept swaying me. I should have posted the first pic where I was falling over! haha...I am sure the people on the beach thought I was nuts....but who doesnt :)

    Thank you guys for your kind words!

  7. Amy as every single one of your post you put a smile on my face, and you have never said something that is son real, till you said ..."our bodies are easier to fix than our minds....". Amen to that , I think in my head I will always be a fat girl.

  8. LOL that pose is too cute! you are beautiful and funny! Thats how calm the water was when we went on Sunday, SOOO BEAUTIMUS! we will be going again on sunday weather permitting, Ill need to come and FIND you hahaha...j.k

  9. I love this picture! It's so cute that tracy is soooo totally supportive!
    I think we all have the "dangly arm" syndrome... i myself have been wodering recently how to get rid of it. i've got muscles in my arms but the actual arm fat is still chilling there. grrr... hahaha!

    awesome spirit! your so cheerful! I <3 it!