Monday, June 8, 2009

From Left Field

I dont think I would have an arm lift to get rid of my bye-bye arms. Not until they figure out a better way to do it. The scar from my armpit to my elbow would be to heinous.

I just tried to sip a little Pepsi. I haven't had Pepsi since surgery, and was a runner-up fav or mine (right behind Sunkist, see blog title). It was GROSS. I had to pour it out. Funny how things change.

I need to win the lottery.

I need money to buy some new clothes.

I want to be a size 20 already! Jeesh! I have lots of pants in a size 20...but not very many in size 22...which is where I am and probably will be for another 20 pounds.

I just ate some sunchips. I am thinking about having a salt lick installed near my desk.

I am trying to grow my fingernails out. I am not really a biter...but if there is a rough spot or something I try to handle it by filing my nail with my teeth.

Which reminds me...did anyone ever read that post on LBT where someone asked if there would be a problem with swallowing bits of their fingernails while they chewed them? yuck. (I am going out on a limb and hoping that wasnt anyone currently reading this).

I like funny cat pictures.

After going on and on about not being a drinker, I did have a yummy margarita from Chili's Friday night.

ooh, and finally a question. Can we drink right up to before we eat? I can't remember the rule. Currently I drink right up until I eat...then wait 30 minutes after.


  1. I think you're hilarious.

    The "rule" about drinks is a half hour before, half hour after. Some people are told an hour on one of those two things. I'm not sure. I don't drink while I eat because it makes me tiggghhhht. Sometimes I've noticed if I drink a little bit right before I eat, I have an easier time (lubes it up? who knows). I don't really pay attention. I understand WHY it's a rule though.. I just can't seem to time my habits :)-

  2. Amanda-yes...I have heard that too. Hmmm...I want to know the science about this no drinking BEFORE eating. Bc here is my doc pretty much implied liquids go right how does this help me eat more? You know what i am saying? BUT, with that said...maybe I should try and not drink 30 minutes prior and see if that makes a difference.

  3. I always heard the no drinking before, but didn't really follow it either because I didn't understand why also. Maybe I should start trying it, let me know how it works out for you.

  4. As a newbie, the rule i've been told is nothing 30 before and 30 after and nothing while eating, which should take AT LEAST an additional 20 minutes! Being new and not yet banded, I don't ask questions, I just dutifully agree. I'm going to a support group meeting tomorrow, maybe some smartie will have a good answer there. It makes no sense for the before, if it's gonna go through, let it go and maybe grease the skids like amanda said.

    Ditto on the hilarious!

  5. Hey Amy,

    I had heard that rule too, don't drink 30 mins before and also not for 30 mins after and yet... my Doc here in Australia said I could drink UP TO the time I start eating but not for a half hour after... and he's pretty strict with rules I have found out. Talk about confusing us girls. Why not just have one rule for all... but then, that wouldn't be life, would it.. confusing at it's best. Just do what works for you I should think. But let us know what happens lol. We can learn from your mistakes (or wins!!!) xx

  6. My clinic says up until the moment the first bite hits your lips is fine... which is nice, especially in a restaurant, to feel normal and have something to drink, even if it is just my glass of ice water.

  7. Dr. Lord says 30 min before and after. I dont know the exact reason why before but I know that after it would just make all of the food you swallowed go right thru...

    You are absolutly Hilarious I crack up everytime I read one of your posts...who in the world eats their fingernails? That is discusting!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I Love the kitty pictures too...

  8. I guess every doctor is different, my Dr, says, 15 minutes before and 2 hour after, I really think he says that so that people at least waits an hour, I'm some times not able to drink sooner than that anyway.

  9. 2 hours after!!! I would never be able to drink! I will cut back a little on drinking before I eat, but if we go out, I will probably still drink water before a meal. Thanks to everyone for TRYING to help clear up my confusion!

  10. Hi Amy,

    I saw your blog link on LBT and thought I would check it out. I was banded on 5/28/09 and have been on liquid for almost 2 weeks (plus the 2 weeks prior to surgery) with 2 more to go. I was starting to get in a slump and your blogs have totally re-energized me! I can't wait to continue to read about your journey! Thanks for making me laugh with all of your stories. I'm sure I will have plenty of my own fairly soon :)

  11. I think the no liquids before eating has something to do with the fact that while liquids do go through quickly, they're still in your digestive system and will help the foods wash down faster than they should. We have the same rule for bypass, 30 min before & after eating. That's how it was explained to me by my dietitian anyway.

    Saltlick -- Last night Brian was sitting next to me eating his favorite potato chips that his mom had brought down from Iowa. We don't have them available here so they're a hot commodity for him. In general, I'm not a potato chip person. This particular brand of chips I find to be revolting. Not last night though. They smelled soooooo dang good, I grabbed a big one out of his hand and just licked all the salt & crap off of it. Then I handed it back. LMAO I was tempted to lick his fingers, but I figured he'd like that too much.

  12. Sometimes I don't know how long til I eat and don't follow the rule (basically only when I eat out) but our rule was 30 before and 30 after and it was increased to 30 before and 90-120 minutes after. I'm currently doing 90 minutes and always am dying for a drink by the time 90 mins rolls around.

  13. Amy... First thing I did this AM when I got home was check your blogs!!! I missed me my daily Amy! BTW - got the capris... THANK YOU! So cute. A bit too tight, but I'm going to work on that and quick. If they aren't fitting within a month, off to another Bandster they go (back to you possibly?). At any rate, missed you and congrats on hitting 70... WAY TO GO!!! That is NOT that far from 100 you know... by the end of the year?!?!?

  14. girl you are hilarious!!! i was sitting at my desk cracking up reading this post as my boss walked up like "what's so funny?" of course i couldn't say i was reading a blog! LOL!!! I just said i had a funny thought...which really made him look at me like i was crazy....ROTFLMFAO!!!