Friday, June 5, 2009

This Is One of The Reasons I Am Open About My Band

I never gave much thought to not telling people about the band. Basically bc you all know by now I am an open book :) There is no shame in my game. Also, if you tell just a few people at me...before long everyone at work will know. So I am just open an honest. If someone says, "Wow you look great" I don't say THANKS I HAVE THE LAPBAND. But if someone asks me HOW I have lost the weight, I tell them I was banded. I also tell bc I feel like we should be ambassadors of our band and help inform people (if they want to be informed).

So, Friday's at work we have our weekly staff meeting. This is a chance for all of the departments in Corporate Development to come together and touch base. Most everyone works in the same building, but some of us our housed other places. For example, my department has it's own building and its just the three of us here. Today after we had come back from the meeting I get a call from one of the ladies in HR. She is in her 50's, and overweight (I guess. I never think of her that way bc she is really stylish and knows how to dress herself to de-emphasize her weight).

She called me and said, "Okay I got to much have you lost and since when?" I told her almost 70 pounds and I was banded on January 27th. She then opened up to me about how she has been thinking about WLS bc she has gotten to the point where her health is keeping her from doing things. She has seen me losing weight and felt that it might be time to act. She talked to Deanna (my coworker who had gastric bypass), and Deanna shared my info with her. So I explained the band to her a little and then ended up sending her a long email with more detailed info. She told me that I was looking wonderful (which is always nice to hear yes?) and that she hoped I wouldnt lose my bubbly personality (I told her not to's only going to get worse).


  1. I feel that way as well because I work at a BIG credit union and I think that every other person in here is getting the band or bypass, and they all know that ive had it and those that are looking into it are asking me questions and I dont mind talking to people about it because If I help someone I feel like ive done somthing good. My doctor said we[meaning people at my work] keep him in business because there are so many people that have done it and that are looking into getting the band or bypass done.

  2. I'm am the sole professional woman in my office with the exception of my boss. Lately we have interviewed and been hiring some support people and a few of them are women so the numbers are increasing. I have NOT shared with the men I work with (and I'm not banded yet, but the dr appts are on my calendar) and probably won't for a while. They are worse than any gossippy women I know. They are all pretty healthy and lean and I feel like a loser 'taking the easy way out' and I KNOW that is what they will say behind my back. they love me and watch out for me, but I want to do this my way for now and I'll be that ambassador soon for the band, because I do believe in it and want to help others, if they want the help. Amy, I'm glad you had the opportunity to share with your co-worker and I know there are plenty others out there who will benefit.

  3. That is the reason I tell anyone and everyone. If I can help just one person feel better about thinking about WLS then I have done my job. Way to go, Amy!!! As always, YOU ROCK!!!!!


  4. Hey, I love the new look blog. I think I might change mine too, I'm bored with it already. I had to double check that I had come into yours because it's so different, but I love it - how did you get the pretty pics at the side? Lol I'm still learning all about this.
    I think it's cool you want to be an ambassador to the band. I'm still in the stages where I'm keeping fairly quiet, but only because I'm still adjusting to the thought of it myself. If what's happening to me now if a sign of things to come then like you, I will be shouting it from the rooftops - and while it's still really early days for me yet (I haven't even had my first fill lol as you know) I have dropped a good amount of weight and I feel 100 percent already... so its all good!!
    Cara xx

  5. I've come to the same conclusion. I thought about not telling anybody but my neighbors are part of my support system. We're all pretty close and are like family.

    I'm also one of those folks that would rather educate than make excuses. That's a whole blog post on it's own!!!

  6. I mentioned to my boss at my part time job at Saks that I am in the process of approval for WLS and he proceeded to tell me how he lost 80 lbs and his good friend lost over 100 by "traditional" dieting. Whatever!

  7. Linda, I find myself becoming a WLS snob, and I have to wonder if those traditional dieters will once again gain the weight back...bc TRADITIONALLY it doesnt work. :)

    And who wants to be traditional anyways!

  8. That is so awesome you lost 70 lbs!! I was banded on the 4th and have had trouble telling people that I was getting it done..But you're right telling people would be helpful! Did you excersise as well? Im having trouble with my protein intake, how did you handle that?

  9. I pick and choose who I tell....I just know who NOT to tell because I know they would have a negative outlook. Its funny because you can almost always tell an already overweight person about it and they are receptive to it but a skinny, fit person has reservations and negative comments (in my experience). So I just pick and choose...sometimes I chose wrong but oh well.

    And holy smokes banded Jan. 27th?! GIRL! I am jealous!! you are doing it! i gotta catch up with you! :=)