Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bouncy House Biatches!

Today we had to go to Tracey's niece's 3rd birthday party. Joy. Lots of children and disorganization. Two of my favorite things.

But they had a Bouncy House.

And I have never been in a Bouncy House.

Until today.

Weight limit was 800 pounds.

Close call. Just barely made it :) It was pretty awesome I must say. I didnt feel that at any minute the seams of the bouncy house would burst and I would deflate all of the children's hopes and dreams.

Also discovered that my wonderful size 16 jeans from Gen (and GAP) are too big! When Gen sent me the jeans, one pair of the 16 curvy's fit right away. The others were a different wash and were tight. These jeans I speak of, the tight ones, are the ones that are too big.


Good Times.
This was shot with Tracey's iPhone. But you get the idea:)



  1. Good for you bouncing and having your jeans too big! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Bounce houses are the best! We had my son's last birthday at a bounce center, with lots of inflatables, omg, it was so much fun. I can't wait to lose weight and actually get excited about going down the bounce house slides, etc with him. :o)
    Glad you had a nice time.

  3. Love bouncy houses!! We call them jumping castle's over here :-)

    Fabulous NSV's!!

  4. That looks fun. Will have to get some killer shots of me jumping on the trampoline. Holy it is a lot of work.. LOL.. Looking good girl..

  5. I've been "stalking" your blog for some time... infact your blog was one of the reasons that I decided to get the lap band! :) I was just recently banded and looking for some support so I joined the blogging world. I love your post and it's funny how we have a lot of the same thoughts. We just had a bouncy house last weekend at my kids' birthday party and I checked the weight limit before I got on it too.. except I was only on it BEFORE all the guest arrived! :) Maybe when I hit 200lbs I'll be a little more brave! Thanks for the great blog it's really helped and my journey has just begun!

  6. I love bouncy castles! Darn good exercise too. What a great NSV, Amy.. that really rocks. Your neice is SO cute and was that Tracey's voice on the iphone?

  7. Also...thanks for the ticket to the gun show! Some nice definition there, lady!

  8. omg
    looks like a blast
    now i wanna bounce too
    and thank gosh for jeans that fall off lol
    can you send me them when they start falling off completely lol
    i need a size 16 wardrobe asap lol my 18s are getting all too big thankfully
    have a great rest of the weekend

  9. bounce houses make me think of that sex scene in revenge of the nerds! sorry.

    congrats on ditching the 16s!

  10. I was traumatized by a bouncy house as a child because I couldn't get out of it. Watching your video makes me realize I need more therapy because I broke out in a cold sweat. :-0

  11. Last month I finally rode the huge inflatable slides at these jumpy party places we have here. We go to parties there once a month and the skinny Moms always climb up with the kids. I needed to get to a place where if I fell people wouldn't say "what is that fat ass doing?" So I did it and didn't fall.
    Cool on the jeans - last weekend I was thinking my 16's were getting big, but I'm scared to try a 14 - I'm not there yet. Right now the 16's are OK right out of the dryer, but that's it. So you buy some 14's then I'll know when to try. :)
    Long comment - sorry!

  12. Oh my gosh look so great! Way to go on the 16's finally getting too big! I know how frustrated you've been with being stuck at that size for a bit.

  13. In the middle of pre op diet here!! and that post made me laugh it looks fabulous!!! and it also gave me an idea! When I get to goal I think I'll have a goal party and Hire a bouncy castle and invite all my friends and family!! How fabulous yayayaya!!!!! K xxx

  14. ohhh and High Five on the 16's being to big!!! I can only dream about shopping at GAP when I come to the states next year!! xx

  15. Um.....when we all hit goal we should rent a bouncy house and all bounce....ya think?

  16. I LOVE bouncy houses! Wow that was a lot of blogs I had to catch up on here. Those muffin tops (the good kind) look yum...maybe too yum LOL! Congrats of the loose pants bouncing off of you!

  17. Oh and...I responded to your comment on my brotherly ab blog....and asked you a question...I must know the must reply....right now....I'm waiting.....LOL

  18. We should all own bounce houses. A girlfriend growing up have a trampoline and she'd JOT (our verb for Jump On Tramp) everyday after school up until she went to college. She had the hottest abs!!

  19. Sounds instead of you "had" to go the party, it was more like you "got" to so the party so you could play! FUN

  20. I am embarassed to admit I came here bc i was so intrigued by your ah hem...comment on Drazil's blog. I learned so very much reading that post and its comments. :)

    Stop by for a visit:)

    Keelie @REAL FAT

  21. Ha ha! Welcome keelie! Even if u just came bc of the lady nuts! Lol

  22. I'm going to ask 'cause if you don't ask you don't know......can I have your Gap size 16 jeans when you are done with them? I'm carrying a pic around in my purse of you that I printed off your blog (the post where you are wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a cute, short jacket). I want to create that look myself! I love the way you dress! Anyway, I hate being so forward but thought I would just ask.

    Love ya and your vlog/blog! You should be a comedian!


    PS: My word verification is "banderet"....that's a cute word don't you think?

  23. you look like you had so much fun. you are looking fantabulous. congrats on the pants being too small.