Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Last night Tracey and I walked 25 steps from my office to my company's activity center. Housed in this big building is a relatively complete workout room with universal and free weights, treadmills,'s a mini gym and its free to all employees, clients at our facility, and employees spouses. We went the through the orientation and we were off! We started with a little cardio warm-up and did weights. I am going to start doing that at least twice a week.
Tonight I am going with the girls from work to the Y. We have a free pass and will be doing a Zumba class. This sounds right up my alley bc I think I get to dance and jump around.
Sunday we are going to go to YOGA! It is also supposed to be beautiful here in Pcola, so we will be going to the beach and for a motorcycle ride sometime!

Hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Have a fun time at the beach!!! Show us some pictures in your bathing suit with pointed toes!! Have fun Dancing and doing Yoga too!!

  2. Soon we'll call you gym-rat! Way to go girl! Have a sunny weekend!