Friday, May 15, 2009

I lost 69 pounds over night!

I got on the scale this morning and I weighed 198.

No I didn't! I was just playing with you guys! hahahahaha.... I was pretending again! It brings me joy to pretend...that's how I get through my days.

For real though, I lost a pound from yesterday. What is weird about this is that yesterday I fell off my proverbial rocker. I had a binge. Not a binge like before band, but I made some crappy choices. Here is what I ate.

Breakfast: half a yogurt and about 1/2 a cup of dry cinnamon chex mix.
Lunch: That dry piece of chicken breast and about a cup of sliced peaches.
Uh...Lunch Redo around 3pm: Some chicken salad and crackers. Dessert: Rice krispie treat. Dessert again...some cheese.
Got home and had some blue chips and salsa. Had a turkey dog for dinner and some tater tots made in the oven.
And then had a Skinny Cow truffle for dessert.

That's a lot for me. A lot of snacking that I try to avoid...because you know what animal loves to graze? COWS! hahahaha...I just thought of that one.

Anywho, when I stepped on the scale this morning I thought I would have gained like 4 pounds! But I lost one instead. Okay scale gods, I shall take your gift!

I am getting my 4th fill on Monday. This is the one I was supposed to have last week but pushed back bc I wasnt sure I needed it. I am ready now. That means I go on liquids Saturday. And that means I will probably just go on liquids Sunday :)

Tonight I am dragging Tracey to a Sugarland concert. I love Sugarland and think Jennifer Nettles is hot. I may ask her to come home with us. I will keep her in a beautiful cage, feed her grapes, and make her sing for us. I am pretty sure she will say yes. Tracey doesnt really like country music to much...more of a 80's rocker kinda guy, but it will be fun!

It's payday today, and after paying bills, putting some money aside for the cruise, etc...I am going to go to Lane Bryant her shortly. I need a nude or white bra (the only bra I wear these days is my big girl black push-up bra), and I need some nude or white undies/thongs bc I bought some white shorts yesterday and basically they are see through. I have never owned white pants or shorts before in my life...basically because it doesnt do a lot on the slimming front, but I am throwing caution to the wind my friends and embracing change!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Good job on the gift from the scale gods. Doesn't it seem like sometimes our bodies need a little splurge and it kind of throws us out of wack and starts the weight loss again (not that you were slowing down or anything). My only problem is when I splurge, I have trouble stopping myself. BTW, chips are not going down easy for me anymore :( but, that's a good think for my weight, but I love me some chips. Good luck on the next fill.

  2. Man, it really would be nice to just wake up in wonderland. I've got a long way to go on that one though. I was only banded 3 weeks ago so I've still got a lot of work to do. Yay for the gift from the scale gods. It sounds like things are going well for you so far with your band. Keep it up.

  3. Amy - great post... I didn't do well this weekend... had my first MAJOR PB/Slime... not fun at all!!! And I just finished a piece of chocolate cake with ice cream. Not smart! But, it happens - and we go on! Thanks for being honest as always...

  4. Amy,

    You do lead a charmed life... lol...always something interesting going on in your neck of the woods. Excellent losing the pound, your scales love you. Only 11 days for me now, till I join you Bandits and I'm getting excited at the possibilities... Whoooo!!
    Keep posting girl. They brighten my day.

  5. I absolutely CANNOT live without cheese. I had been telling everyone before the band that low-fat cheese wasn't cheese, but honestly? I'll take it. I'm a cheese hound. I love cheese curds the best, from Trader Joe's (don't know if there are any of these hipster grocery stores where you are or not). I will put them on a plate and make them "squeak" by nuking them for a few seconds. Then they're still soft but not cold and yet not melted either.

    I sometimes think my daughter says she doesn't like cheese just to spite me because that's the only thing that hurts my heart. She's still picking the cheese shreds out of her tacos and only eats "pizza cheese" but won't eat mozzarella sticks, just the melted way on pizza. Aside from horseradish brie I tried once (*gag*nasty*gag*stupid Costco free cheese samples*), I love all cheeses. I wish I could have a cheese garden and just go outside and pick off pieces of freshly grown cheese. That's MY fantasy.