Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And Today Class, We Shall Discuss Geography

div>Several of you frequent Disney World. I went to both Disney World and Disney land when I was a child, and did not enjoy either....hence...I have never been back. Perhaps now that they have that pass thing and soon I will be able to fit into rides again...Tracey and I will go there one day.

I digress.

I thought I would put up map of where Pensacola is in relation to Orlando...just in case any of you are driving to Florida or Disney World in the near future and want to stop over in Pensacola. We do have "the whitest beaches in the world", and they are about a 10 mile drive from my house. I am also posting this for my girls who live in Australia. I have know idea where you are on your big island...

So here is Florida. I have circled Pensacola and Orlando.

We live in the panhandle. You would never really know you were in Florida by the people that live here. Its more the deep south than a Florida lifestyle. Alabama is right above us, and that is where my parents retired to (from Kansas). They live on a boat and that is where we go for long weekends or holidays. So here is a map of that.

We are going to be making that drive on Friday. It takes us about 6 hours.

How about that? A totally non-food related post!


  1. Amy last year on our way to Miami we stoped in Pensacola over night.Every year we try to make a trip, the year before we went to Destin for a few days, but this year we have not talked about it yet, but if we are in the area I will defenitly contact you , It will be great to meet.I live 5 minutes from New Orleans, so we only a few hrs away.

  2. Cool! I had to giggle when I saw your title... knew EXACTLY what the post was going to be about! We're big WDW fans - have a timeshare there... never been to the panhandle, but have heard that you have the prettiest beaches ever!

  3. Amy, as I am officially broke, I won't be there any time tooooo soon... But your beaches look incredible, and I'm definitely planning on coming sometime in the fall. Just a warning!

  4. We will be driving but I'd imagine with 8 people in a HUGE van (rental) we'll just have to drive on by and get to WDW as soon as possible. One day when we need a grown up vacay we will hit you up though :D

    If you ever need a getaway to a weird place like Wisconsin, let me know ;)

  5. One day I'm coming to America... will you be my official tour guide.. pretty pllleeease!! Your country just looks amazing and it's so different from here. Good luck with the trip.
    Cara x

  6. Haven't been to WDW since you were little? Maybe you should try it again. I like it, but I like Universal more! It is smaller and everything is close together. You can see both parks in two days with ease! I haven't been to P'cola in years, but I like it. My husband plans on us going maybe this summer. He has really good friends that live there.


  7. Know what you mean about being able to fit into rides again !!! Last summer, my boyfriend and I went to a local amusement park. I was so excited to go on a ride I remembered as a kid. After standing in line, when it was our turn to board, the attendant looked as us both and hesitated.....at first I thought he wasn't going to let us on, and I couldn't figure out why. Then he said "Sir, you sit on the outside". After the ride started I realized it was because the attendant was deciding who was heavier, and who would squish who more. (The ride spun around very fast and pushed both riders towards the center). I tried to put it out of my mind, but I wanted to cry the entire ride....I hesitated to go on many rides after that except for the ones I knew weight wouldn't be an issue.

    I also was shocked when my Admin told me last year that they were disappointed that couldn't go on the donkey rides in Hawaii because there was a 200 pound weight restriction, and her sister-in-law wouldn't meet the criteria. I always wanted to do those donkey rides.....one of the reasons I finally decided on the band.

    Not a big Disney fan myself, but we are going to Disney Paris next month !!!

  8. Angie-I will be looking for you this fall. Its hotter than satans ass down here until late October...so plan accordingly.

    Cara-I will be your tour guide for sure. When can then go see Cindy and Yanesty in new orleans...bc I have never been there and it's only 2 hours away.

    karen-WHAT! I didnt know there was a 200 pound limit on the donkeys. i am glad you told me that bc that's somethign I have always wanted to do also. Poor donkeys.

    Tiff---ya know, I have never been to Wisconsin! Here i come!

    Sarah-I will come and pick you up!