Monday, May 11, 2009

I have officially lost a 2nd grader

Today the scale read 60 POUND WEIGHT LOSS. Okay, it actually read 267, but same difference. I don't know if 2nd graders weigh 60 pounds, but I thought it sounded good!
Couple of updates:
Last night I ate a piece of pizza. Not thin crust, but whole wheat crust from Papa Johns. It was so good and gave me NADA problems! Weird since the pasta of the lasagna wouldnt go down.
I started taking my prenatal vitamins today. I am hoping that it will help with the hair loss. It will probably make me grow a full beard.
I got my passport out today bc I wanted to see when I went to St. Martin. It turns out I went in 2002. I wanted to know bc this is the smallest weight I can remember being in my adult life. I thought I was 209. So, as I have mentioned before, I have kept a weight loss journal off and on since 1999. I flipped to the year 2002, and guess what! That year I only recorded 2 dates...and they were in January. SO, I dont officially know what I weighed in June 2002. I know I was in a size 18. I was looking at other year's weights, and apparently in 2004 I was 246. And in 1999/2000 I was around 215. For some odd reason this really made me sad. I think because I am just still so fat compared to then. I look at pictures now of when I was 215 and I had a really nice figure. But didnt appreciate it. And then in some messed up part of my mind, I think I was sad bc I feel like I am making the best choices for my health...and I feel like I SHOULD be at my lowest weight ever....RIGHT NOW DANG IT!
I know. You are saying AMY! You started at 327. Get a grip crazy pants!
Have you also noticed that you work and work to get to a 10-pound mark. Like 280, 270, 260...and once you get there you are only satisfied with that for like one nano second...and then you are on your next quest for another 10 pounds! Geesh, it makes my brain and soul tired. We are never satisfied. We always want more...which I believe is how we got into this predicament in the first place.
Do you think they make a lapband for your mind?


  1. I dont know about 2 2nd graders, but you sure as heck lost 2.5 Ashlynns!!!!!!! lol Congrats AMY! YAY!!

  2. Amy you need to spot being so hard on your self, if there is something i have learned in this journey, is that you have no control over the past, only the future, you have come a long way and should be happy and proud of yourself for it, I know we are never satisfied, thats why i make changes to my hair, That is something i have control over, and think of this we didn't gain this weightin a month so we are not going to loose in a month, you know what i started doing, Knitting, it is so relaxing, my daughter likes it too, takes your mind of things.Just focus on your health, and the progress you have made. I have sleep apnea really bad, that is the reason i had my surgery, and now i can say i feel healthier and fabulosa (that 's in Spanish) the number is just that a number.

  3. .... you need to stop, not spot hahaha I drink at work, no i'm kidding

  4. I'm glad I found this blog! I've only read the most recent post but I can already tell we have a lot in common. :D Hope you don't mind if I follow you :D


  5. AMy - that is almost as much as my daughter weighs! Crazy... of course, she's only 4 - but big boned, much to my chagrin! "Solid". At any rate, it would be wonderful if we could band our brains too! Keep up the phenomenal work girl!

  6. OMG, I had to catch up reading your blogs!!! I have been not feeling well since Tuesday of last week. That dang wreck is catching up with my neck pain again. So, anyway...yes, it is so much easier to focus on what we don't like. For instance, I HATE my arms with a passion. My legs have always been ugly, and I can't lose the fat in my belly. What I fail to realize, is that my butt looks really good in my jeans now. I am looking kinda nice, in clothes, at least. Someday soon, I hope I can just focus on the positive...until then I plan on saving for a tummy tuck!

    By the way, you look amazing!!!!


  7. You've lost a whole Matthew, babe!

    That's funny, it's how I think of it, too. First I'm going to lose a Matthew. Then I'm going to lose a Caitlin. My final weight loss is going to be a Matthew and Caitlin together. If I lost a Bethany with them...I'd be anorexic...

  8. Yes - - get a grip, crazy pants! :) LOL! But seriously -- 60 is AMAZING! That is so much and you look great.

    I totally identify with you on the 10 lb mark (and the cellulite. .). I just got into the 180s and while I know I should be super excited about it, I just see that 188 can't wait for it to get to 185 or another mini-goal.