Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Mind is Whack-Wiggedy Wiggedy Whack

So, I was mulling over the same conundrum again today about how I have lost 64 pounds and I dont take the time to realize "DANG...thats a lot of weight"! Instead I think "Ah...just 64 pounds. Pooey...when will it be 70-80-90"....you get the picture. I have to remind myself that 64 pounds is awesome and healthy and wonderful and hardwork! It's just like when someone tells me how I am looking good or doing great I immediately think "Well, it could be more". What is wrong with us? Angie...will your therapist help me via Skype?

Here is a new blog if you guys want to check it out. The first post I read made me laugh...and she named her band too...except her name is much cooler than mine (Tina).



  1. Amy,

    Thanks for the shout out! Your blog rocks and I look forward to your new posts everyday, and you never fail to deliver!

  2. I KNOW RIGHT!!! I think that every day...when am i going to get down to where I want! like it needs to come off NOW!!!