Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clothing Manufacturers are Out to Kill me

Hi Peeps! I wanted to do a pre-weekend pictures post about some things that have been on my mind.

First, I went to Kmart last week...just because. I don't shop at Kmart much bc they are sorta ghetto here in Pensacola, but I was killing time so I thought I would pop in. They actually have some pretty cute/hip plus sized clothes. I got a precious dress that I wore this weekend.

Its a little on the short side, but its great for summer and flip flops. I just have to remember to be a lady and bend or squat bc it reveals my Hootananny and Badonkeydonk very easily.

Anyways, back to Kmart.

So I am in a size 22. OKAY?!? But when I go to try on some size 22 shorts...they wont even hardly fit over my damn thighs. Oh I got them up there...but they wouldnt even come close to zipping. WHY is there such a big difference in sizes depending on who makes them? Seriously. RIDICULOUS!

Also, I got to thinking about some of our weight loss plateaus. After the law of blogging bit me in the ass when I posted about how the scale gods had been good to me, I haven't lost much these last 2 weeks. Then I remembered something I heard once, or read....or something. The theory is that our bodies have these internal memories regarding our weight loss. Like, if I dieted and lost weight, got down to say 265 and then stopped dieting and gained a bunch of weight back (true story of course), then my body would remember 265. It puts a "marker" of sorts there at that weight. So when I get to that weight again with my lapband (where I am now), I will have to work to get over that hurdle...bc my bodies memory wants to stop where my last stopping point was. Does that make sense? Do you agree? For some of you who have gotten stuck now or in the past, was it at a weight you had gotten to before than stopped?

Just a thought.


  1. When you buy clothes at KMart or Dollar General or any of those cheap shops a size 22 is really a size 16. You should be happy you got the shorts pulled up. I have to return everything I buy at those stores because their sizes are 3 sizes smaller tha if you pay for quality items at quality stores. BUT . . . I love the dress. Perfect on you. How did it clean? Is it still good?

  2. I wonder about the "weight memory." I know that my mom's trainer, who was a body builder (and looked and sounded like a guy in drag - not to be mean, just an honest observation) said that the body most definitely has "muscle memory" and if you fall out of shape in that regard, when you start working out, your body WANTS to get back to that place.

    So far, every time I've gotten over 250, I've been able to get down to maybe 195 before I start feeling all high and mighty and pretty and forget what I'm eating and "Well, 5 pounds gained isn't too bad..." and then I'm back to more than I was when I started the last diet. I know that when I was younger, my body really seemed to LIKE being between 150-160 if I just ate like a normal person, maybe only one meal at a fast food place in a day (during my lunch breaks from work or my brief stint at college). If I wanted to be lower than that, I HAD to be active. The last time I got down to 198 was December of 2008, but then depression hit me because it was my first Xmas with Craig living here and my grandmother deciding she didn't want to do the traditional opening of presents at her house. Now I'm starting this whole new set of traditions with my little tribe (Liv & Craig) and I'm just not as into Xmas as I used to be.

    Anyhooo, I know a lot of my weight loss from the last Atkins disaster adventure was probably because I was roller skating 3 times a week. That's another thing that gets to me about some of the people who complain about their weight "stopping" them from doing certain things. Granted, I couldn't be as comfortable as you in a bathing suit, but I never let my 276 pound body be the excuse for not roller skating with my daughter. Even if I had to relearn some stuff because I hadn't roller skated since I was 12.

    One of the women who was in the Top 5 of the contest with me said that a goal of hers once she lost the weight was to go roller skating with her little girl. Man, that hit home for me. I wanted to yell at those words every day (and some days I did, with Craig coming up and saying "Honey, you know they can't hear you through your monitor, right?") with "THEN SKATE WITH HER!" I know some people have stress issues on their ankles or shins, but at least strap on some skates and if you only skate for 5 minutes, then fine. Sit down. See if you can skate more in 15 minutes. And for Supreme Burrito's sake, don't be concerned about falling down and people thinking about the fat chick who fell. WHO CARES?!?! If you have a child, set a good example for them. And if you fall down, get back up. I see our thin, muscular, curvy (all body shapes) derby girls knocking each other down, even the small ones fall. But they only get a max of 3 seconds to get back up again. And sometimes, it's hardest for the smaller girls to get back up. Being big, we should all be pros at picking ourselves back up by now, NOT just constantly putting ourselves down before at least TRYING.

    Sorry... end of rant. Passion, it speaks to me through my quads, lol.