Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Tuesday From Tampa Florida

I flew down to Tampa yesterday to present at a conference this morning, and I had grand intentions of curling up in the hotel room last night, and penning (or keying) a wonderful blog post...since I would be alone and inspired. 

However, the hotel charged for internet connection and my checking account does not authorize such ridiculous spending, regardless of how inspired I think I am.

SO, as I am awaiting my airplane to take me home (via the ATL...also known as the 6th gateway to hell), I thought I would touch base.

Diet and exercise is plugging right along.  I ran another six miles on Friday morning.  In the dark.  It was pretty awesome.  But I wanted to quit almost the entire time.  It is pretty interesting how that worked.  I couldnt figure out why I was having such a difficult time.  Then I realized from about mile 2-3...I had been talking smack to myself.  I was having this internal dialogue with myself, focusing on my pace (too slow), focusing on negative people and thinking evil ways to destroy them, etc.  So I tried to clear my head, to focus on my breath, to focus on my running.  And I made it.  6.2 miles without stopping. 

Then I made it Tampa yesterday afternoon, presto chango-d into my running gear and set off to run. Our hotel was in a weird place, sandwiched between corporate buildings, busy roads, and parking lots.  It took me awhile to find a sidewalk and I had to stop a lot at the busy intersections, but I started plugging along.

It was hot.  Sweat was burning my eyes.  I found myself in a neighborhood that was starting to get a little scurry.  There were shopping carts in my way on the sidewalk...

so alas...

I turned around, running partially blind (sweat) back to the hotel.  Only 3 miles.  I was frustrated.  But I guess it was  better than the old Amy who probably would have piled up since I was unsupervised. 

I did enjoy my meal last night.  Which meant that it was paid for by the company that had recruited me to speak, and that I didnt worry to much about calories.  I registered a 2 pound loss on the scale this week, bringing me to 172.2.  I SO want to see 169.9 by Monday.  We shall see.

Hugs and kisses.  I am about to mount the friendly skies!

Pictures below from after my Friday morning run.  Do not worry.  I am not yet running in just a sportsbra...however I was on fire (like....temperature wise) and the shirt had to come off as soon as I entered the hizzie.

Until the next episode my sugarbums!


  1. Excellent job on the run....6.2 is amazing!!!

    have a safe flight.

  2. Outstanding!! I can't imagine running 6 miles straight...I have yet to run 1/2 mile without stopping. Very inspiring!

  3. Awesome running!! What did you present at the conference?

  4. Where in Tampa??!! I live across the bridge in St. Pete. MUCH prettier here. But yes, it's WARM this week. Spring beach weather... I am not hating it actually. LOL - Where did you go eat? What conference? Where?! So many questions!

  5. You are awesome... i wish I was still in Fla, cause I would have gotten in the car to see my Amy Sunshine. You're doing great.

  6. You so inspire me with every honest word you write. Thank you so much!

  7. Well done for the running. You're really brave running around by yourself in neighbourhoods you don't know.

  8. I really don't understand where your belly skin is. Really. I just don't. We're the same weight and I'm taller and I have so much gross belly flab. WHY?!