Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And The Winner Is...

Dilbert Twelfth!  Also known as Theresa, also known as Tessie Rose!  I feel that the random number generator must sense horrible stripper names, because Dilbert Twelfth sounds like the poor dwarf no one wanted to sleep with.

Alas though, Theresa will be receiving a Gotein packet asap.  Theresa...will you email me your address.  Be careful though, I have decided that if I am ever single again I am just going to be traveling from bandster to bandster, mooching and smoozing off of all of you.

The stripper names were great.  Some of you had really good ones...some were reaaaaally terrible.

Thanks for playing.

For those of you who want more information about Gotein, you can go to their website at


  1. thanks for being such an inspiration! I was looking at your ticker and realized I had the same starting amount to loose as you and lately I have been so discouraged with my progress. It's good to see that it really can be done.

  2. LOL... the poor dwarf no one wanted to sleep with! Yay, I'm a winner! You kill me!

  3. Dilbert Twelfth is spectacular!

  4. AWww, I never got a chance to play. I'm "Peaches Upham." For real.

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