Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tiny Panties

Well ladies. Amy has fallen off the wagon...again. Sigh...

But I will get back on...starting tomorrow :) LOL..my parents came in for the weekend, and you know my mom's cookies are the kryptonite to my weight loss plans. And then the spiral into Junk Food Hades begins. But, alas...it is just a minor set back.

This weekend I did enjoy several shopping moments of joy. Usually I buy my undies from Lane Bryant. Hipsters. But, bc I hate LB...AND bc the last time I forked over $30 for 5 pairs they fell apart rather quickly...I wasn't going back to them from my drawers.
So, I got the courage to buy some "skinny girl" undies from Target. Size 9. Do you remember how I was asking you guys last month was a size 9 undie was equivalent too? Turns out they must be like a size 16/18. I got cotton Hipsters, Hanes. They fit great. I also got 2 pairs of comfort stretch sheer panties. Size 8/9. When I took them out...this is what I saw.

I dont know if you can see how tiny they are. Seriously, they looked like panties for 4 year olds. Then, I noticed this little insert that came with them.

I know you can't read what is says under the Believe it! But is says "This panty will fit you...trust us".

And they do. It is the craziest thing! I wonder what the size 4/5 would look like! Good times!


  1. OMG those are the world's smallest panties. Look comfy, but I can't get those because they would always end up in my 3 year old's laundry pile!

    I am a fan of Gap undies - the stretch lace hipsters. You can fit into them for sure. They are often on sale online for a great price.

  2. oh my they are really tiny! awesome that they fit though! I got some new ones too this weekend because mine were all saggy and I couldnt handle it anymore!

  3. WOW, they look like they would be really comfy.. I still get figure out sizes over there.. lol
    Have fun with your mama's cookies.. we all need to have a treat now and then.
    xx Nene

  4. Those are hilarious!! Glad they fit and they are really cute. I get my thongs from Target, they are the best fitting ones I can find and I love them. I am jealous about the cookies, still on thick liquids and had to smell steak cooking on my own grill last night!!! Soon, very soon...

  5. Wow, those are some tiny panties. But I love that the package actually says that!

    I wish I had Target up here, I'd be their biggest fan!!! And a top panty buyer for sure :-0

  6. But do they ride? My "no wedgie undies" rode up during Zumba today. No fun!

    OK, I'm gonna say something, and it's because I love you. You've mentioned several times before that when your folks are around you have a tendency to fall off the wagon because off all the junk food they bring around. It seems that they're not being very supportive of your choice to get healthier. I know they love you, and they want the best for you. Could you talk to them and ask them to not bring the goodies? No, we can't expect everybody to cater to our needs and we have to adjust, but bringing junk around isn't helping or supporting you. Bottom line is that it's your choice on whether or not you eat the junk, but sometimes it helps to not HAVE to make that choice.

    Ok...I've said it. Now do I post it? I love you girl, and just want the best for ya.

  7. Meg, you know you can say those kinda things to me! BC we are tight like that. But you always scare me when you preface it with..."okay, I'm gonna say something"...I thought it was going to be bad!

    It is quite a paradox this thing with my mother bringing bad food in the house. At first I thought it was bc she was being insenstive to my problem with self control when faced with the yummies. I am pretty sure she is supportive of my weight loss, and I know she is very proud of me. So I thought what in the hell is she bringing all this crap in the house for? BC i do voice my thoughts about it...so she is aware. I think that it goes deeper then that though. I think that it really doesnt have much to do with me, or her trying to sabatoge me...I think she is in a really bad place with HER eating, and you know how we were once in such denial and didnt even really care what or how much we ate? I think that is where she is. She was thin growing when I was younger, and has gotten bigger. She is also a yo-yo dieter...a couple of years ago she was a size 12/14. Now she is back to 18.

    I wish I could resist it ya know. I should be able to for goodness sake! I should be more firm and say dont even bring them into the damn house!

    Love ya!

  8. you silly girl! I knew you'd fit into a size 9 from walmart or target b/c that's what I wear. I feel sad for u that you've been buying expensive LB panties! The pink one are cute, I might have to try them. but I usually get the 9 hipsters as well!

  9. awww, cute panties. if i wasn't on a self-imposed "Target Restriction" I would totally go out and get some tonight! My panties are the boy short kind (sexy!) But not really when the fall off my a**!

    Thanks for the tip - I'll have to have someone pick some up for me....

  10. Thanks for reminding me I need to get new undies...these baggy ones suck :).

  11. Holy moly, they're tiny!!! What an ego boost! I might get some so I don't have to be embarrassed about hanging my giant undies on the washing line :)

    Em :)

  12. How small are they! That is a good feeling!

    I love Target (Aussie) undies and when I make my annual trip home, I shop like a crazy woman and usually buy about 10-15 pairs of undies to bring back to Dubai....I have brought a couple of pairs here from Evans (UK Plus size store) in Debenhams but they literally fell apart after one wash and they were super expensive! Always go back to Target! Can't wait to visit the US next year to shop for clothes/underwear/shoes (in a much smaller size)

    I just got a package from Torrid and got the cutest Paul Frank undies...will post photos this weekend (not me in them tho LOL:)

  13. lol Yeah I agree with Roo, Target undies are the bomb. Those you are holding look weenie and really pretty too. I finally lashed out and got some new ones too.. size 14-16 (think that's 12-14 where you are) and they are gorgeous.. hot pink like yours and stripes and flowers.. happy days! Wear them and enjoy them.. or is that Tracey's job.. enjoying them I mean. Ok shutting up now.. you get the drift!

  14. Ha ha, those panties are hilarious! I agree with Meg about your mom and cookies-- I know that is probably a hard situation, I also have a mom who struggles with her weight. Once I am banded, I am sure there will be some unintentional sabotage-- despite the fact that she genuinely wants the best for me and for me to lose weight.
    Anyhow: I'd tell your mom, firmly and in a loving way: MOM, NO SWEETS or TRIGGER FOODS when you come to visit... it is not good for either of us.
    If she walks in with cookies-- tell her to put them in the car or throw them out in the garbage.
    Bold moves-- but good for YOU if you do it..
    Good luck,

  15. They look like my 9 year olds drawers - LOL!

  16. Can I have them after you're done wearing them? ;-)

  17. I like the single-string ones from Blerkies; they sound awful but my word they are comfy :)