Monday, October 12, 2009

Sizes and a cool Widgit

I have been meaning to share with you guys for awhile, but a few months ago blogger recommended Ligit. I added it, and you can see it on the right side of my screen. It has a search feature I don't know if anyone ever uses, but the really cool thing is that once a week they send me my blog statistics. How many hits, on what day, etc. Also, they tell me what searches led people to my blog.

Here is this week's list. Some of them make sense, some make me laugh, and #6...I have no idea about.

Also, Loosing in 2009 added a comment on my last post about pant sizes. And I was thinking the same thing this morning...but I can't make sense of it. Makes my brain hurt. Why do you think that it takes longer to drop a size the bigger you are?

Let us think. If it took my about 40 pounds to drop my first size (26 to a 24), why does it take less weight (using Catherine as an example) to drop from a 16 to a 14 (around 15 pounds)? It has to have something to do with why 40 pounds looks and is less lost in inches on a 327 pound woman vs a 130 pound women. Are you following (bc I am losing myself)? If someone who weighs 130 lost 40 pounds it would be SO totally noticeable and actually pretty scary. But when us bigger girls lost our first 40 takes a while to notice.

What is the scientific explanation? For those of you whose brains work that way?


  1. Um, Foam Cheese Butt?!?! That one made me lol - for real!

  2. My personal fave is #13... foam cheese butt. Hilarious!


  3. Ouch! Not brain freeze, but math freeze. I agree it's all too hard to work out. It does make you think though.

    I have lost almost 50 pounds and have only lost two dress sizes. You would think it would be more. That said I hope the next 22 bring me down another size, then the 18 (or thereabouts) get me into the 12 (or 10 for you in the US) I'm after!!

  4. Hey Ame- It all comes down to percentages. If you start at 300 pounds and lose 50, that's 17% of total body weight lost. If you started at 200 and lost 50, that's 25%. So, I guess it all depends on how fast you are shrinking percentage wise. Okay that's enough of that.

    On to the GOOD part- 100 POUNDS! ! ! ! ! Girl, you totally rock. YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION.

  5. Wow on the weight loss!!
    Lost me on the math (long day) but I totally get what you are saying and after Lynn explained it it makes more sense..i need a

  6. I am a little scared of the search for "foam cheese butt", whoa!

    As for the pants size....I have gone down 2 pants sizes but only 1 size in the top...I think it has to do with where we hold our weight...I am your classic apple shape, holding most of my weight around my back and tummy...and I don't have a butt...whereas some others are the classic pear shape...(weird that I lost weight more around the tummy, hips area first)

  7. Lynn is absolutely correct, it's the percentage of body weight lost that shows.

  8. I am just impressed period, miss 100lbs! But I too think Lynn's got it.

  9. If you look up size charts for one brand, most sizes are 3 inches between sizes in the plus sizes. Once you get down to 10 or 12, there is only 1 inch diff in the waist. I've always assumed that's why the difference. My sister went from a 12 to 8 pretty quick!