Thursday, October 8, 2009

I was just thinking...

1. Do you ever wonder about the word verification words that blogger uses? Sometimes they are simple. For example, on Liz's blog today I had to type DANCE. Sometimes they are like subtle hints like: eatlessQ. Sometimes I wonder if they are Latin or just nonsense, like: sneeziploopleundies.

2. I love dill pickle spears. Zero calories. Doesn't something seem wrong with that? Wrong...but oh so right.

3. I have decided to coin a new term as it relates to the lapband experience. It is a very "present weight loss". Meaning that the band doesn't do it for you. It is not easy. You must be "present" and working with your band.

4. I bought more silver bangles on my quest to BangleLadyLand.

5. I do believe I am getting an iphone at the end of the month. My current cell phone is circa 1994. You know the kind that you carry around in a big bag with a zipper? Okay, not that bad...but still...not good.

6. I miss Kansas and the fall so much this time of the year. It makes my heart ache. I love fall. I miss you friend!

7. I am looking pretty smokin today in a new cardigan I got from Jones NY. I am afraid to go into uncharted "normal size" stores, so I took my boss there the other day...under the guise of looking for an outfit for her...and discovered I can wear the XL's and that they carry 18's! AND have great accessory sales (see #4).

8. I try to go and post on LBT on a semi-regular basis. I don't start my own threads, but I try to remember how helpful that website was for me in the beginning.

9. Sometimes I wonder if there were lapband blogs before us. Do you know what I mean? Because now there are so many!

10. For those of you who are single and feel down sometimes. Remember...there are many advantages. Advantage #245: You dont have to maintain your Lady Station if you don't want to. Be free.

11. I have drank 80 oz of water far.

12. I had my yearly eval recently. Great scores but we had a conversation about something. You might now believe this...but my boss feels I need to work on my confidence and stop selling myself short...someday I might tell you how right she is!

13. I almost threw my back out in Wii bowling last night.

14. Which makes since bc after taking my fitness test on Wii Sports, I have a Wii age of 80!

15. To get my Masters or not get my Masters...that is the question.

16. I thought that with weight loss, my facial hair would diminish. NEGATIVE!

17. I had a dream last night that Tracey and I were at a convention and these two famous photographers were excited to set up appointments with me so I could be the next plus size model...and when I told Tracey (in my dream), he was too busy on his work phone to care. I scolded him for that this morning.

18. My meatloaf got stuck today. I hate PBing at work bc I think my boss thinks I do it on purpose.

19. "Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting." -Anonymous

20. Sometimes, less is more. This is true with eyeliner, underwear, and kids. lol....


  1. HAHA, love #20 :D Can I possibly get less kids still?! (Kidding... most days...)

  2. Seriously, I needed this. Thanks for the grins!!

  3. You never fail to make me smile. I hope we get to meet someday. Hugs

  4. I think 19 will become my motto in life :-)

  5. 17 - i sometimes wake up mad at Billy in the morning because of something he did in a dream. it is really hard to convince yourself in that groggy state that IT WAS JUST A DREAM - GET OVER IT!

  6. my word was "blessory" is that like an accessory blessing? if so - you are mine Amy!

  7. I'm never going to drink while reading this blog .it would all spray out of my nose and all over my computer screeen while laughing.. good stuff! :)

  8. Love it. #10 is an advantage that also applies to those of us who have been married forever. DH is happy just to encounter the Lady Station, maintenance is totally an afterthought.

  9. 1- I ALWAYS try to figure out what word it is. Sometimes I think they are words spelled incorrectly...just to see if the typer will figure it out. Every time I do it, I wonder if other people do it too.

  10. wii tennis & baseball is also dangerous - for you and your tv when the remote flies out of your hand! Also iphone's rock my world. Have had mine for a year and don't know where I'd be without it. Probably lost and at the wrong place at the wrong time!

    All the best,

    PS my verification word is "concotsp" which I think means to add a teaspoon of conco.

  11. #5 - I love my iPhone but that sucker is expensive...LOL! Between both of us, we pay $90 a month on top of our minutes package for data and texting.

    #16 - Me too but it hasn't happened. I also thought my cycles would straighten out. They did for 6 months and then went haywire again. Darn PCOS.

  12. Random thoughts are SO great and it looks like they were hitting you hard and fast today.

    The verification is a pain in the ass and every time I go to take it off mine so you guys don't have to deal with it.. I think all the spam that will fly on thru, so I don't.

    Love the lady station comment. Made me laugh.

  13. Love this! Oh & I can totally relate to #5 :).

  14. I really love that you have an accessory based goal. And if you're going to have one of those, bangles are IT. They're timeless (I'm talking to you fingerless silver gloves), they make a sexy sound and they're versatile.

    Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to prep the lady station for the weekend....

  15. Love all your thoughts on here! And I'm envious re the iPhone. . my work pays for my cell, and so I'm stuck with a BBerry. Wah!

    I go on a lot too. I like responding to the newbie posts, and I really like a bunch of the long-time bandsters on there -- Jachut (Jackie of "Shut yer gob and move your @$$!") and Luluc are two of my favorites!

    Love the bangles! And your first adventure in a non-plus store! NICE!


  16. BTW, my word verification was


    As in YESSSESSS!!! We is losing some weight with the band! LOL

  17. I love your list blogs. Here's the thing, I enjoy jewelry like lots of others, but my issue with bangles are trying to type while wearing! They don't make it here is your mission, Ms Amy, dreamer, make believer, inventor of cool catch phrases...invent bangles that don't get in the way of work! Can you do THAT? PLEASE!!
    AND, what's with the wheelchair symbol next to the word verification?
    An iphone will be very cool, i have earring hung up on people (work calls, mind you) at least 3 times...heheheee. Oh well, I gotta have some pretty on the head too!

  18. I always Love Amys Random Thoughts... they are so refreshing and enlighting for the day! I had meatloaf the other day and it got stuck as well but I didnt have to PB it went down finally... I love the braclets! :o)

  19. I am so stealing #19 as my facebook status.... What a fun read. Have a great weekend

  20. Lady Station ...bhahahahahh! too word verication for you the other day was efood! Definitely brightened my day with all your little thoughts...thanks x

  21. Almost threw your back out on the bowling! bahahahahah! is it that hard?

    That's neat it can tell you your wii age, I will have to do that when I get mine for xmas!!!

    And absolutely go for the masters if you have the time and money to put into it!!!

    "less is more...with kids..." I agree. Sometimes I want more but most times I think of how peaceful it'd be to just have one. Maybe that's a good sign I should stop at 2!!!