Monday, October 5, 2009

Sooo Sor-eeee

My brain just feels like exploding, and I cant focus on a topic to prepare yourself. I will now begin.

This weekend I bought a Wii and we spent tons of time playing the wii. It is like a blackhole time suck. ahahah, speaking of Wii, I bought Jillian Michael's 30 day shred! Holy smokes batman and robin have you tried that? I know some of you have, but I wanted to get it so when I am laying around on the couch thinking lofty thoughts about why working out just isn't feasible this very instance, I will really know that a workout is as far away as my dvd player. I started with level one, bc I thought for sure it would to easy for me. It kicked my ass. I am sore 2 days later. I used to think Jillian was pretty hot, and had a girl crush on her for awhile, but now her face kinda scares me. I think she needs a hug though. But whenever I felt like taking a little break during the workout, I just imagined I was on the biggest loser and she was yelling at me making me cry. Total motivation

My favorite game on Wii so far comes with Wii play. You race cows. Tracey cheats. I lost 4.5 this last week. OOOH, yesterday I stepped on the scale and it said 230! Poop your drawers that is right! That is the lowest I have been this far in the weight loss journey. Today it said 233 and since today is official day, I recorded it. BUT, here is my theory on that. NOW, we know that there are factors that can make us weigh more (period, backlog in the BM department, imaginary muscle soreness retention), but there is nothing that can make us appear to weigh less. If there is, I don't want to know about it. So what I am saying IS: I really must weigh 230, and I only weighed 233 today bc I ate Taco Soup last night and that has lots of beans in it and beans have sodium, and sodium makes your retain water.


One week from today is Columbus Day. 6 pounds to go. But only 3 pounds if you believe everything I just said.

I made seasoned oyster crackers and puppy chow this weekend to take to the hospital. I will post recipes for both.

2 packages oyster crackers

1 cup canola oil

1 tsp dillweed

1 tsp garlic powder

Mix oil, dillweed, garlic powder. Empty crackers into a 2 gallon bag or a big bowl. Pour mixture over crackers and mix or shake until covered. Spread on baking sheets and bake at 325 until golden brown.

This is so simple. You can use more dillweed or garlic powder to taste. I also sprinkle some garlic salt. It makes a ton, and is a quick grab snack for parties or whatever.

Puppy Chow (or Muddy Buddies) is made with Chex cereal. I usually a tad more peanut butter and chocolate and lots more powder sugar than the recipe calls for. These are not goal weight friendly, so I advise only making them if you can take them to someone else's house and leave them there. Here is the link.

I took pictures of me post workout. I will post those when I get home. Maybe. No computer still. Here are two pics from when my parents were visiting. Now, I should warn you. In this first picture Tracey pulled out a vintage "suit" he used to wear in his clubbing days in the late 80's....complete with man-girl boots. The suit is Z Caverichi (however you spell that). I on the other hand am wearing my weekend house outfit. I also look under the influence, but I assure you, I am sober. I wanted to show this picture bc the shorts I am wearing I have owned since my junior year in high school, 1996. We had to buy these basic cotton shorts for cheerleading. It was horrible bc I couldnt find them in my size anywhere. We finally found two pair at JCpenny's in the mens department. These dark blue ones never really fit. Way too tight. Now, 12 years later...they are too big and it is going to be hard to throw them away.

Do you notice my shelf ass in this picture? It likes to eat my shirt.
This picture was taken on a warm Pensacola Friday night, on our way to the Seafood Festival.
How quickly a tan fades. Seems unfair.

OH! One last thing for those of you that have managed to make it to the end of this very long post. Several people on Facebook that I havent seen in years, have recently sent me messages via FB telling me how good I am looking and asking me my secret. Flattering that they are noticing, bc I think it's harder to notice when they only have my FB pictures as a frame of reference.

So I tell them about the band. Tell them my story. One such person told me she felt it was kinda cheating, and she was going to continue on in her quest. That's cool. One person told me she is interested in learning more. So I am going to give her my link to my blog. I only have about 3 readers on here who are people that have ever seen me (aka know me) in my real life (Hi Lisa, Katie, and Rachel), so I welcome my FB buddy from Kansas here! Weeeee! I just worry that sometimes for the non bandsters, my blog might be a little boring...weight loss, band, foam out of the nose, blah blah! But I try!


  1. Tracy's suit is really spectacular! And congrats on the loss, I totally agree with your theory as to why you "gained" over night.

  2. Congrats on the 230!!!
    And Wow on that suit!!
    I love my wii, but have not tried the wii Jilian Michaels...maybe a little too ambitious for me right now, but soon maybe!!

  3. Amy, your posts are never boring, even for someone who doesn't have a Lap Band!!! :)

    I have been following your blog ever since someone suggested in their answer on Lap Band Discussion that we check out your blog. I have been hooked ever since & even started my own!

    I am sooo excited today! I received my letter from BCBS that I am APPROVED FOR SURGERY!!! Sorry, I can't get the smile off my face yet. :) :) :) Anyway, keep up the great work, you are my hero in weight loss!

  4. amen on the weight loss... and I may just have to get that Wii game with Jillian! I let her talk to me in my head tonight while I was drowning mean sarah!

    BTW - keep the shorts. For EVER. Seriously! put them in your "prior fat-girl" stash. 'cause you aren't any more and you need to remember where you were,,, now and in high school! Love ya!

  5. Amy, I love you in those shorts, but, alas, I would probably burn Tracey's suit and boots. He looks good, but the suit hurts me. Congrats on the 230 and yea, you so weigh that, not that danged 233 that showed up today. That is salt and nothing will make me think different! You are doing a great job, and I still with I had your intensity, because I am STILL not working out!!! I am such a lazy a$$. Not really, I am just exhausted from standing for 8 hours a day teaching!

  6. Rock those last 3 (wink, wink) lbs off chica, you've GOT this! :)

  7. The suit and manboots are awesome. In my book, the 230 counts. If it showed up on the scale, you own it!

  8. 230 is awesome, that is one of my goals!!! Closest goal for me now is 241 (my pre-baby weight w/ #2). None of your blogs are boring, I followed your every tangent thought.

    The pics are cute, the shelf booty thing, I barely know what that is. But I thought you had said you didn't have one anymore? haha!

    oh and the navy shorts, did you see the pics I just posted of my body? I have the same shorts. They are womens XL from an athletic shop but mine were bought years ago for softball or something. I never fit into them. Mine are just now getting baggy in the waste and I feel the same as you. Sad to toss 'em but then again i probably won't until I can trade them for a LARGE. hahahah! omg, so soon!

  9. Lol Love the suit Tracey's wearing.. even the man/girl boots.. He's SUCH a cool dude that even that doesn't look too bad on him
    Congrats on reaching 230. And you're right! We bounce around on those damn scales so much, a day to day reading doesn't really tell it like it is. So go with 230 and be proud.
    Congrats darl!!!

  10. Amy, Tracey is a trend setter! LOL....I always love your posts and it brightens my day...:) Keep it up are doing fab...I am going to check out Jillian's wii program.

  11. Way to go Amy! Love Love Love your blog!

  12. your blog is NOT boring......regardless of a person's band/non-band status. you are super funny and clever.

  13. I have been told in so many different ways that getting the band is "cheating." I think it's the thing that I'm the most sick of hearing, even beyond the ignorant comments where people think I'm going to be able to eat anything I want and not gain weight or the ones who think I'll never be hungry again.

    I also need to watch what I say about the Lap, as I remembered suddenly (as the whole thing has been a bit of a dream for me) that I won the surgery through the radio contest. I'm required as a part of winning to do radio commercial spots for Dr. Billy, talk up the surgery, talk about how much weight I've lost, what's been good about it, etc. I really didn't think too much about potential crappy stuff that I might post in a blog like the adventures of PBing or whatever awaits me. But I'm pretty sure that the radio station or the surgical center isn't going to want to find them.

    *sigh* Sorry, still so bloated and it's just bumming me out.