Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mountain Mama

pppsssst.  I don't think I have officially announced that WE ARE GOING ON VACATION!  In less than 2 DAYS!

*insert happy dance/the cabbage patch*

Because the month of May is a spectacular month, housing not only our anniversary but Heather's 34th birthday, I am taking her away!  Initially we had thought about a cruise, but Heather doesn't really like leaving our pigs (dogs) for that long so I started thinking about what we could do that the pigs could do too.  I then started thinking about camping...but then I decided a cabin in the mountains!  We are heading to Blue Ridge, Georgia.  I have never been, and neither has Heather (which I have come to ascertain is a rarity for those raised in these here parts).  It's about a 7.5 hour drive. 

Here is our cabin.
There is a hottub out back...a pool table somewhere inside.  I AM PUMPED!

Plans are as following:

Whitewater rafting.  Heather is not so thrilled about this one as a) she doesn't like to be cold and b) she is kinda a wimp.  I know, it is hard to believe because she looks tough...but she doesn't really like things I would deem thrilling.  She won't ever be skydiving with me.  She doesn't really enjoy skiing although it comes so easy for her.  Hot air balloons are also probably never on our horizon.  Anywhooz...

One of the 4 operating drive-in movie theatres resides in Blue Ridge.  We shall be attending.

There is some sort of block party downtown....I shall shake my groove thing perhaps.

OOOH, and there is an apple orchard.  I am buying a pie...and then I am going to eat it.

Hopefully we are going hiking.

Also, I plan to drink wine.  Have I told you that I am starting to like that stuff?  I have always dreamt of drinking wine, so lady like, but I do not like it.  Then I found my gateway wine...a blueberry sweet wine.  And then in San Fran I had some light white fruity wine.  So those of you who know of such things, I need some recommendations.  Let it be known, I do NOT like anything dry.  And I am a beginning...OH...and I am poor.  K?

So we will be gone for a whole week. 

But hopefully I will be able to blog and take lots of pictures.

Happy Wednesday pumpkins!


  1. When I started drinking wine, I started with the zinfandels. Sweet and yummy. Then moved on to the chards and now I am a pinot grigio girl (or pinot gris). I still don't care for many reds, but that's ok because it makes my friends' teeth red and I don't want any o' that, anyway, haha. Have a great trip!

  2. First time reading your blog but I love wine and for someone that loves the sweet wines try a Gewurztraminer (Fetzer is really good), it was the first wine I really loved.

  3. Have fun! I am so jealous, it sounds like a blast!

  4. WINE!!!!

    x.,,mvcxkmkdckvfk...woah...sorry...I just got so excited there! Anyway...for white, try a reisling - sweet and light and yummy! For red, most people like merlot, but definitely try a pinot noir...very fruity. Mmmmmm wine...

    Have fun! :)

  5. I second the Riesling comment...and if you like citrusy fruit, then try a Torrontes. It's got tones of good! (And it's usually pretty cheap!)

  6. Have you tried Hazlitt Red Cat wine. Very sweet and cheap. They have in white too, but think red is sweeter. I'm so jealous. My coworker is going on vacation too. We don't have our summer vacation planned yet.

  7. Sounds and looks great! I hope you have a great time. Some wine suggestions:

    * Chateau St Michelle - Washington - Riesling (Very good for the $$)
    * Sisters Creek - Texas - Muscat Canelli (I think you would really like a Muscat/Muscato and I have yet to pick one that didn't end up being good)
    * Evolution - Oregon - Blended white (more expensive, but very good)
    * Conuncrum - California - Blended white (most expensive of these)

    Safe travel and CHEERS!

  8. ha ha - that last one should be "Conundrum" : )

  9. Looks like ya'll are gonna have a blast, hot tub and all! woo hoo! Let's of my fav's is Moscato or Asti (both sweet but carbonated). Also, I LOVE sangria.

    I prefer sweet wines as well. I don't know how anyone enjoys dry bitterness. haha

    Have fun on your trip!

  10. I love the GA Mountains, but I am partial because I am from Georgia! By the way, I have read your ENTIRE blog and I love you (in a non-stalker way)! You have been truly an inspiration to me. I am being banded on the 27th of this month! I even started my own blog! Thank you for sharing your story! <3 Here is the URL for my blog.

    I hope you follow me!

  11. Ooooh, oooh! I'll go skydiving with you!!!

  12. Have fun! I don't like sweet wines, but my pals who do like reislings and moscatos. I'm a dry gal, but I love the vine, man do I love the vine!!

  13. My favorite wine is Moscato - VERY sweet. Sounds like such fun!

  14. Reislings are good wines. I like them sweeter myself and have never had a bad German Reisling.

  15. You have to read "Big Stone Gap" by Adrianna Trigiani...there are others that follow but they take place in those mountains, and you'll want to go back after reading the books.
    Have a great time!

  16. That looks fabulous and fun! My family stayed in a cabin in that general area of the country over Thanksgiving and we had a WONDERFUL time. I kept thinking that we should go back in a warmer climate. Have a blast!

  17. Have a WONDERFUL time!!! Scott and I spent our honeymoon (and a couple of other vacations) in that area. If you have time, go to Helen, Georgia - it's not too far away and it's a cute little Bavarian tourist trap...ahem, I mean village. GREAT German food and cute shops. A fun way to spend an afternoon. We also enjoyed shooting our .22 rifle off the back porch of the cabin. I am jealous as hell. I haven't had a vacation with my honey in way too long. OH! And they have Bluegrass in Horseshoe Bend Park every Thursday. We went to that and it was SO FUN! All the old ladies with their knitting and the old guys kickin' up their heels...hilarious!

  18. If you are going to the Mercier orchard, you must get the apple cider donuts. They are to die for!! My co-worker always brings them back from Blue Ridge and I end up having to get someone to hide them from me!
    Also, Moscato is a very sweet, good wine. I like Beringer brand best!

  19. I will suggest Moscato! My favorite is Castello del Poggio (which is the moscato served at Olive Garden). The only place I have been able to find it in a regular store is Food Lion (I think you have those in Fl, not sure).. It's only about $10-$15/bottle, and basically tastes like carbonated apple juice. SUUUUPER YUMMY!

  20. Have a great time! It sounds wonderful!

  21. I love sweet, light wine and my all time favorite is: Castello del Poggio, Moscato d'Asti. It is a fruity dessert wine but I drink it all the time, I love it icy cold!!! Hope you two have a blast in the Mountains. I live in GA and Blue Ridge is only 2-ish hr drive for us, it is our favorite weekend getaway spot!!

  22. Agree on the moscato - I don't like "real wine" either, but once I found moscato I was sold - sweet, fruity, dessert wine. It's delish! But hard to stop drinking... if you can find Brown Brothers Moscato, it's the best!