Monday, March 28, 2011

Sometimes...In The Middle Of The Night....

Heather punches me in the back of the head.  Or headbutts me.  Or something.  She does it in her sleep (OR DOES SHE?) and it always wakes me up (after I see the bright light and start going towards it..."Go to the light Carol Ann").

Anyways.  After the blow to my skull, she pats my head and murmurs something.

I don't know what's going on there.

The other night I had a dream.  A fitness magazine came out to shoot Heather and I doing push-ups because we could do more push-ups than a normal woman (it was a dream okay).  Well, it gets better.  Heather could only do 25, and I could do 46.  And in my dream, this made Heather she started eating ice cream.  And then I saw the ice cream booth and they had cotton candy ice cream that came complete with a large actual cotton candy sticking out of it...and I was going to eat me some...even though it has carbs...

wooo...and then I woke up.


We haven't turned the ac on in the house yet.  Now I know some of you may still be running the heat in some locations, but here in muggy Pensacola, where the humidity is 1000% and its hot out, the inside of our house is around 81 degrees.  Which I can stand during the day...but at night...

I become a raging evil lunatic once I wake up sweaty.  I start to flip.  And flop.  And sigh loudly.  I throw pillows.  I slam my legs up and down in a tantrum.

We are turning the ac on tonight...regardless of what my head-butting, energy conserving partner has to say. 

If we don't...there will be hell to pay.

Sometimes during circuit...I just can't help myself.  I have to break it down.  Today I was doing jumping jacks and Outcast was on and they told me to...

shake it...shh shhh shake it.

And so I did.  People laughed.  Heather tried not to (she likes to think working out is serious).  I just smiled and said "IT'S CARDIO"!

And there you have it...a post about nothing.

Can I have a star now?


  1. Hi Honey,
    Can you clue me in on the Keto breath? I miss you!!

  2. 5 stars for you!!! hilarious post!!! I'm the same way about the heat.. it seriously throws me into a rage if I wake up all hot... I'm fighting the urge to turn on the A/C here too... it's going to be in the 90s later this week!!! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. You get a GOLD star!! That first paragraph had me choking on my crystal light lemon ice tea (hilarious, sorry to laugh at your pain).It's a wonder you don't wake up with a headache in the morning.

  4. I love that she beats you up in your sleep... The muggy weather can do that to a person without A/C... George was saying some crazy stuff in his sleep the other night and didn't remember what he dreamt about...LOL. *M*

  5. We are in Alabama and we have turned the air on. I feel you.

    Pensacola is one of our fave "close" places to visit. Don't tell anyone, but we prefer it to Gulf Shores.

  6. You get so many stars!!! I have my heat on thank you very much! The high today was 41 and I can tell you I'm not very happy about it!!

  7. Umm, me thinks you need to wear a helmet to bed. And definitely need to turn on AC - I can't stand sleeping in sweat.

  8. I have been abused by my husband during sleep but never upside the back of my head!! I would truly try and figure out what she is dreaming about. You could develop a concussion over time!

    I am not going to address the heat is cold here and our heating is on all of the freaking time and it is VERY old!

    Show us some sunshine pictures please...


  9. Shake it like a polaroid picture!!! I love it. I agree you may need a to sleep with a helmet on. LOL

    I actually beat Charles in my sleep as well. I don't know I'm doing it until he shows me the bruises and scratches in the morning.

    I think I might be protecting my goodies at night.

  10. I think it is even worth a gold star :o) Do you think your dream is telling that you miss the carbs :p

  11. I hate waking up all sweaty and gross when your trying to sleep. I can never truley get back to sleep after that.

  12. I totally agree with waking up hot! It is so horrible! Great post!

  13. When I was on Atkins I used to have dreams about cupcakes and sweets all the time! LOL

  14. It is amazing that we think we can't live without something, then we try it... and realize that it ain't half bad or forget we even were missing out. Keep up the good work!

  15. HAHA TOO FUNNY!!! Love the dream! So glad you are doing well on Atkins. I might do a slightly different version of it. I tried it before and just couldn't handle no carbs at all.