Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Science Experiment

I am doing something.

And...it's a little shameful.

I am going on a diet, well....I embarked on it yesterday...and shall remain on said diet until the final weigh in for the Biggest Loser competition at work...which is April 7th.

It should be noted that I don't do "organized" diets.  Never did I do weight watchers, no cabbage soup diet, no Nutri-System or anything of the like. 

AND, I especially NEVER did Atkins.  I like my carbs.  And I believe now, more than ever, that for me...it's all about balance.

With that said...

I am doing Atkins.


Now I realize that many of you have probably tried Atkins in the past...or know someone who did...or are just smarter than me and know the jist of it.  But let me tell you, I have never paid attention to carbs.  Never looked at it on the nutritional label...never cared.  But my WL partner has done it before and lost a good amount of weight, and you lose the fastest during the 2 week introductory phase anyways...Even Heather, spouting something about ketosis said that if you don't cheat it, it will work.

so I figured why not?  To win this competition, I am going to need some help in the home stretch.

And so it began yesterday.

At first I was excited about the thought of meat and cheese.  But that evaporated quickly, like a tear drop on a hot day.  I miss my diet sunkist (not really supposed to have caffenine).  I miss my cookies, candy bars, soda, bread, pasta. 

And it's only been 24 hours!

Its funny, because it appears that carbs are in practically everything I enjoy to toss in my mouth!  It's a nightmare.

But I figure if I made it through 2 weeks of liquids prior to surgery, where I existed on ice cubes and licking the salt off of pretzels, then I can do this.

Just for 2.2 weeks.  Then its back to the good stuff for me!


  1. Carbs are evil. If I have a little I become a total carb slut.

    Good luck keeping the evil at bay. I am sure you will do awesomely at all. I lost 20 lbs on an Atkinslike diet pre-op. It does work.

    But carbs are in EVERYTHING. Sneaky lil suckers.

  2. On day 3 of my first Atkins induction, I began crying hysterically when I noticed that the seasoning I put on my chicken had 4g carbs.

    This is only noteworthy because I am not a crier.

    Detox is hard, but day 3 was my low-point and it got much easier after that.

  3. Atkins is definitely a good way to lose a chunk of weight quickly. I've actually been thinking about doing a carb detox myself because I swear, seeing my weight begin with a "2" is starting to make me a little nuts and I should have seen Onederland by now. I've done Atkins before and the first 3 days are the hardest. After that it gets easier. Get some bacon to snack on. Bacon makes everything better. Oh, and chicken caesar salads (no croutons) or chicken wings were my go-to easy lunch choices. Good luck!

  4. "licking the salt off of pretzels"--LOL, LOL, LOL!!!

    Good luck, Amy!!!

  5. Hang in there, girl. Hold steady. (And Google Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat - he's pretty much in agreement with Atkins.)

  6. I do a modified adkins and it helps when you realize that adkins has a bunch of really tasty treats too.

  7. Wow, I learned something new today. I didn't know Sunkist had caffeine in it. I don't drink it ( I do drink other diet sodas) but I always thought all the citrus flavored sodas (7-up, Sprite, Sierra Mist, Sunkist, etc.) didn't have caffeine but lo and behold, Sunkist actually does! Crazy!

    Good luck with this new program. I think you'll do great! Doesn't it always seem like as soon as we cut something out, that's when we want it the most? Lol...stupid brain ;) I haven't really been craving sweets too much so I gave them up for Lent and of course, had mad cravings for it for a few days after :) All the best to you! I'm excited to see the results!

  8. Got your back baby! You can do it!

  9. I did Atkins the month before surgery. Its hard. But my demon is with sugar and I have yet to restrain him enough to were have them in moderation. But everyone is different

  10. The first few days are the toughest. You can do it!

  11. I have only ever done low/no carbs diets... the carb cravings do go away, completely for a while, well, almost completely. I wonder why I ever stopped, at times. But it's cake, cookies, chocolate, etc... You see it's not just about the cravings, they're delicious.

  12. As far as I understand it, almost everyone diets every once in a while. You are going to kick Adkins butt!

  13. I've been known to lose up to 25..... yes..... TWENTY-FIVE pounds during Atkins Induction.

    Granted..... that's when I weighed twice what I do now.... however, if you do induction right, and stay under 20 carbs/day, there's not way NOT to lose weight.

    However... there is a phrase called "Keto-Breath" when you hit the almighty ketosis. Not only will your breath SMELL like ass, it will TASTE like ass too. Just a heads up on that little phenomenon!

    DiZneDiVa has it right..... the first few days are very hard, but then the cravings will stop.

    I know for me, the first few days were almost like a drug detox, and I had a few very migraine/hangover feeling days. Something about the sugar?

    Are you able to get scrammies past your band?? Nothing better than scrammies with a little dab of pepper jack or cheddar with some sauteed mushrooms for breakfast! When I'd eat that, I'd be full for HOURS!

    Good luck....... gluten in particular is my enemy, so I had to say buh-bye to pizza, pasta and bagels a long time ago.

    Good luck, Amy...... you can slay them with your mad Atkins skills!

  14. I promise by about day 4, if you don't cheat, you'll forget all about those carbs. I actually kinda like these things for letting me take back control of my carb addiction. I enjoy my carbs so much better when I control them vs. when they control me. I did my pre-op diet again back in Feb to get my head back in the game and the end result was much better carb control!

    And yes, two little Amy jr's! They will need to meet their aunts Amy and Heather very soon!

  15. OMG I can't believe you never dieted. If I had a dollar for every diet I've been on, I would be a billionaire. At least.

    If this is your first time doing Atkins, you will kick ass. I remember my first time. It was amazing, I thought I had found the Holy Grail of weight loss. We won't talk about what happened on attempts #2, 7, 35, and 89. But the first time? It will so work!

    Watch out for the depression thing. No carbs = super low serotonin. Carbs are like a drug, you know? Other than that, have at your meat and go for it!

  16. I usually lose quite a bit on Atkins and my HDL goes up and LDL goes down. If you are like me and need to know that it's working and get feedback, get yourself some Ketostix. You pee on them and if they turn a shade of pink, you are burning fat. It's a good way to see what foods affect your ketosis and stop the fat burning. They are really cheap, about 5 bucks for a container of 100.

  17. I am the queen of Atkins...it works.
    The best news I can give you is that IT GETS EASIER AFTER YOU GET THROUGH THE FIRST 3 DAYS. That's how long it takes to get all of the natural sugars/carbs out of your system. After that, your cravings will go away. Your breathe will stink (from the ketosis) but it's all about trade offs.
    Good luck mama.

  18. As we all know, going to the extreme for a long period of time is usually not the answer. But for short term and to win a contest - hells yea!

  19. My best friend and his wife are doing Atkins and he is the type to go hardcore with everything. I saw him at about week 2 and when I tell you I could smell his breath from a distance of about 4ft. OMG but he looks great! You can do it Amy