Tuesday, January 11, 2011

End of Week One: Biggest Loser

Although for the official contest we only weigh in once a month, I am requiring a weekly weigh in of me and my partner to make sure we are on track.

Remember, we had a goal of 2 pounds a week so we can reach our 10% individual goal by the end of the 3 month competition.

I lost 8 pounds according to the official scale.


On my scale, I am down 4...which is a more accurate reflection.

It's fun to see the scale moving again.

Of course this morning several of my competitors chalked my weight loss up to my band. I just smiled. I wanted to say..."Do you know how much weight this little band has helped me lose in the last 6 months? ZERO."

Of course I wasnt really trying since I was in maintenance mode, but I will tell you what. My band didnt stop me from snacking yesterday. It didnt stop me from getting ice cream or a candy bar. No it didn't. I DID! I stopped myself. And my band didn't help me run on the treadmill yesterday. Nope. I DID.

So suck it.

Wooo, I feel better.

I forget to tell you guys though that there is a rule preventing WLS surgery patients from being in the competition. If you are within your first year of WLS, you can not participate. Well, I suppose you could, but you couldn't win. This is the third time they have done the competition. The first time I didn't play because I was still within my first year out, and although there wasnt a rule at the time for the WLS patients, I did feel I had an unfair advantage because I was still losing pretty good. The second time, I didn't compete bc I was at goal and didnt feel like I wanted to lose anymore.

Sadly, my partner ate like crappy cocka this weekend. I still think she will be down.

Let us see...what else.

OH...Heather and I now live...ALONE! Just us. Can you believe it? I still havent wrapped my mind around it.

Life is beautiful.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. "So suck it!" Hahaha.

    YOU did it! Way to go Amy!!!!!! Sweet loss!

  2. That is awesome about the loss! but WOW, finally, alone? that is beyond great! I am so happy for you! Now you guys can actually be comfortable in your own home!

  3. There is a Biggest Loser competition at my work too. Everyone expressed negative opinions at me so I didn't do it. It's sad how people view those with WLS so negatively... :(

  4. I think the WLS rule is fair for the first year. It's a great tool to help us lose weight and if we could've all been so successful without it, we wouldn't have gotten it. Congrats on having the house to yourselves!

  5. OMG - you guys live alone now!!! woo hoo!!! I am so very happy for the two of you, I know that wasn't great before. How did this happen - clearly I missed something before and now I'm going to have to go back and find it - but yay and congratulations on that!!!

    And yay for your loss as well!!! You did great!

  6. Great loss! You are soooo good at this! I envy you.

    Congrats on having the place all to yourselves. wink wink..

  7. So freakin true my love - we could still eat all the crap under the sun the band doesnt stop that! You did it biatch!! Us poor WLS pariahs need to stand up for ourselves!! You go girl you're making me feel a little strange.... I think it might be.... could it be?? MOTIVATED?!?!?!?!?!

  8. That's great you and Heather have your own love shack now.

  9. so excited to hear that you don't have any roomates!! You tell them! way to go with loss

  10. 8 freaking pounds?! That's nuts! Oh wait, me too! 8 pounds in 8 days, not that I'm bragging. Oh wait, yes I am.

    Happy to hear you and H are like real life grown-ups now! :)