Monday, January 10, 2011

B-12 Shots: The Target Saga

I have been taking B-12 sublinguals since before surgery. My doctor prescribes them to all his patients, now and for the rest of eternity. I don't mind them...they are kinda fun (small and purple), and kinda tasty as well. But, alas, I forget to take them.

So one time, my coworker who had bypass, gave me one of her B-12 shots. She administered it (she's a nurse) and off I went on my merry way. Well, I don't know if it was a placebo effect or WHAT, but a couple hours later I got home and was HYPED up! I found Heather in the back yard, where I danced around like a wild tree nymph and then dry humped her leg, danced a little more, more spontaneous dry humping.

So I asked Dr. Friedman if there really was an energy boost with the shot vs the sublingual. He said maybe the day of the shot. And he wrote me a prescription.

So today I went to Target to have it filled.

Here is where you need to start paying attention.

My coworker pays $5 for a 30 dose vial of B-12. So, that is the price I had in mind.
When I went to pick up my prescription, it was $31....for 10 doses!
I stared at them blankly and then poor girl tears almost started falling. I had $33 dollars in my bank account to make it for another 2 weeks.

I said "Why so much".
They said" insurance doesnt cover it because it's a vitamin".

So I paid my money and left, dejected.
I called the doctors office on the way back to work and talked to the nurse, Jennifer. Remember I work for the hospital system where I had my surgery, and she said at the hospital pharmacy it is much cheaper.

I called the hospital pharmacy. Sho' nuf. $12 for a 30 dose prescription! So, I can't do math, but if you take in the dosage, I think Target charged me about 4x as much as the hospital.

I called Target and said..."Can I return these meds and syringes? I can get them over here for $12, and get 3x as much".

Well, you can't return meds. BUT, after they put me on hold, they came back and said "Next time you come, it will be free. And from then on, just tell us what your pharmacy over there charges, and we will charge you the same".

OH. IS IT THAT EASY? Can I just name you a price since you just apparently make yours up as you go? Huh, well in that case...the pharmacy in FRAGGLEROCK only charges a penny.

So, what can we learn children? That not all pharmacy's charge you the same and you should shop around.


Moving on.

I get back to the office and Deanna (coworker) is going to teach me how to give myself a shot. I am not particularly squeamish...I donate blood all the time. But once we got to the part where I actually had to poke myself...I couldnt do.

There is some sort of mind block that prevents one from sticking oneself with a needle. So she had to do it for me.

Bless her.

And it didnt hurt at all.


  1. I want some B-12, do you have to have a prescription for the sub-linguals? I tried to give myself allergy shots and I just couldn't do it, I'm a wuss!

  2. my hubby has to give himself shots and I can't even watch him do it. I'm a wuss

  3. I have been giving shots, drawing blood, placing IV's for at least 5yrs now and there is no way I would be able to give myself a shot. so your not alone :)

  4. I want some shots now!! My head has hit my desk so many times today I feel a knot forming. I want some energy. I want to dry hump....wait never mind that part.

    I love giving my mom her insulin shot...I'm pretty sure I could do it myself.

  5. Laugh - I loved this post. Yes, I would price-quote the Fraggle Rock pharmacy to get the best deal! So, did you get the energy spike from the second shot, too?

  6. If they can give it to you free next time, can't they instead refund the difference in cash for this time? That would give you a little extra cash for now.

  7. LOL@the pharmacy in FRAGGLEROCK only charges a penny

  8. Must try it - sounds like it could B(12)fun! I am a massive leg humper when I'm happy or pissed - love to hear the hump goes on all over the world!. My sister and I have inflicted all kinds of injuries on ourselves and others in the name of a good dry hump. Keep on keepin on!

  9. I've had those! They do work for energy for awhile but eventually you become immune to those effects. Although it can still help with metabolism.

  10. I take b-12 because of a deficiency. I have a lack of what they call intrinsic factor. It was such a pain always going to the doctor for a shot (plus every time i paid a $25 copay (for ONE shot)). Didn't know i could do it myself. Not sure i could even now that I know. Anywayz, point is, I've alternated between the LIQUID sublingual (which is better than the pill) and the shots. The liquid sublingual is good and anyone here can buy it at a place with a decent selection of vitamins. I DEFINITELY get a boost with a shot. But if I'm cranky, it increases my crankiness too! Sometimes it just makes me angry those shots. I feel like the hulk! But they work for energy, that's for sure. They seem to have less of an effect once your b-12 levels are high though. Good luck! Very interesting post!

  11. I had to give myself blood thinner shots after my last two surgeries for 7 days both times so I think I could do it. I think I am going to ask my doctor for a prescription, my energy sucks! The price thing is funny because something similar happened to my mom one pharmacy mistakenly charged her the wrong price once and she told Target about it and they matched it forever and it the original place wouldnt do it again.

  12. Giving yourself a shot, once you get past the freakiness of the first shot, is a breeze. Check out some of my past posts, you can read all about my experience.

  13. Target is funny about prescriptions. If you complain about not being able to pay, they'll knock down your price. It happened with me since my surgery wasn't being done through my insurance and I needed to fill my post-op pain meds through a pharmacy different than Kaiser. They were pretty cool about it since my doc prescribed me a horse's bottle of liquid pain meds.

    Oh... I miss that bottle.

  14. I gave myself my b-12 shot last night. Today I worked a 14 hr shift and had to MAKE myself stop working! Major help with energy!!!

  15. So you're shooting up these days?... I am not surprised at this turn of events... at all... tehehe! But I guess you'll need a shot of Patron before your shot of B12.

  16. ok... i want some b-12!!! my doc gives it to SOME of his patients, but so far, i haven't been one. =(

  17. This is really interesting! Did your doc give you a prescription just because you've had the surgery or would he have given them to you anyways? I ask because I do sublingual B-12 but would love to try an injectable form of it. I have had to do injectable meds for a blood clot once so it doesn't bother me. Thanks for this post!

  18. I have a feeling we are suddently going to have a B12 shortage.

  19. i take B-12 melts everyday too for a deficiency. you don't need a scrip for them, most drug stores have them on the shelf with the other vitamins.

  20. Just a note - you do NOT need injectable B12 unless you are deficient in B12 or intrinsic factor, eg. if you have pernicious anemia. Like most supplements, if you have normal levels, even if you are tired, taking more won't help your body. If you feel very bad fatigue, you should get blood tests to rule out other disorders so that you can get the correct treatment.