Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Normal Day In The Life Of Amy

Inquiring minds like to I will respond....

Somehow, and's probably because my girlfriend is a fitness fanatic...somehow I have been working out 5 days a week. Now, I realize that there are some of you that probably work out more...and longer....and harder...but if you remember back (and Heather had to remind me of this when I was grumbling about people not waking up at 6am to come work out with us), that once...I WOULDN'T WAKE UP TO WORK OUT EITHER.

I hate it when she is right.

For a long time, I worked out 3 days a week. MWF I did "circuit" or bootcamp...which for the most part is strength training. Then, I added Zumba in once a week.

Now, I have been doing strength training Monday through Friday. Usually for about an hour a day. In addition to circuit, where I do 8-12 different stations a series of 6 times, sometimes I do "the hundreds" workout I have talked about, or work on the weight machines. This week, I started I have done 1.5 miles...twice. I plan on running 3 days a week. I like running early, around 5am. It felt good and it stayed with me all day.

I need to take some bikini or undie pictures and post so you can get an idea of my extra skin situation. I was just telling someone the other day that I am much better off than I thought I would be. I was really expecting something terrible. And let me just tell you, that yes...I look like someone who has lost a weight...especially in the tummy and inner thigh area. But that's okay.

Remember, that plastic surgeon I talked to said several things will determine your extra skin situation: genetics, age, how much and how fast you lose, your skin elasticity, and how you work out. Where there are stretch marks, the skin is not just going to "snap back"....

But I will tell you that I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, if I hadnt been doing strength training for the last year, and if I hadnt really been pushed by Heather over the last 6 months...I don't think I would look like I do now.

As for food...

Oh hell. I am not a good role model. I am for 1200-1400 calories a day. I like to eat things during my workday that I know the calorie count on, and then just keep a running total in my head. If I can leave work sitting at around 700 calories, I am pretty happy. My dinner meal is always my biggest, so I like to leave some room there.

I pretty eat whatever I want that the band will allow me to eat. I do TRY to make healthy choices most of the time. Things with protein, things that will last awhile. I really like my Cliff Bar in the morning for breakfast, but sometimes I have cookies for breakfast. Same amount of calories, but less nutritious option. I think the food game is finding something you like that you can make work for you, not depriving yourself ALL THE TIME of the "naughty" things, and working out to keep your metabolism up and help counteract...oh...say...cheetos.

In that book I talked about in my post the other day Rethinking Thin by Gina Kolata, there was a study done in WWII with soldiers. They military wanted to know how little they could feed them to still get results. What they found, that once they put these men on a super strict diet, men that in general, had a "normal" relationship with food...that once they were being restricted...they started to OBSESS with food. They thought about food all the time. They started hoarding anything food related. They started hoarding kitchen utensils...

All they could think about was food.

Sound familiar?

Super interesting book. But we have all been there when we "ARENT GOING TO EAT" {insert your favorite guilty pleasure here}. We start thinking about it all the time. You remember preop when you were on your liquid diet and dreamt of food every night? Yeah. I sure do.

And that's about it!

I would say in general, I don't eat fast food too much just bc its hard to find something band friendly most of the time. I avoid processed or frozen meals if I can. Fresh ingredients are better and way less sodium. I buy organic when I can. Makes me feel better about being a human. I snack. I TRY to eat only when I am physically hungry...but I am not always so good at that. I drink diet sunkist. I should drink more water. I take my vitamins more now. I try to move more.

If I have left anything out...

holla at me :)

Happy Thursday my sugar babies.


  1. I think that's pretty much what it's all about. Don't complicate it too much.

    Do what you know is right... fresh vs processed, move more vs move less, drink water, try to eat only when you're really hungry and don't tell yourself you can't have something EVER. (because you'll be curled up in a corner with crumbs of that something all over your shirt crying about how you suck)

    That seems to be the only way I can keep my sanity about dieting. It doesn't need to be so freaking complicated.

    I think I'm going to trademark it as "the Keep It Simple Stupid Diet". Who wants in on the book deal? :)

  2. I love your attitude and I love you!! I am developing a very similar relationship with food and exercise and I want to be just like you!!!

  3. Its all of that in a nutshell that has gotten you where you are today. I wish I had a trainer to work out with....sadly I will have to work myself out as I can't afford one. Somehow a perverted thought could come into play somewhere, LOL.

  4. Going off to post about what you've just made me realize why the kitchen is my favorite (and most tightly packed) place in my house...even though I "can't" eat much there these days!

  5. I give ST the credit for keeping my excess skin situation manageable too

  6. I wish I could get to where you are mentally. So laid back and ok with it. I still OBSESS every second about everything I eat. I will make a healthy meal that I would have eaten before the band and now it's just like yuk, I don't want that. I want something else. Hell, half the time I don't even think I am really hungry. haha Just the thought of one more veggie/meat combo and I could barf!

  7. I love that you are a work out freak now! It is so good to see! People think I am crazy for working out at 5 am! That's what I love about the band, you pretty much each well but still can slip some not so healthy (but oh so yummy) treats in and still lose! <3

  8. Thanks so much Amy! Wow, 5 days a week. I should really get back into that great you are doing this and feeling good about it. And I love that you are running! Marathon in your future!

  9. I have said it before, and I will say it again, You are my hero. I wish I had your determination and drive, but i don't. I eat ok most of the time, but I absolutely have not gotten off my lazy butt to start working out consistently. I wish I had a Heather, or better YOU to be here to push me. You are an inspiration to all who come in contact with you. YOU ROCK!

  10. Dear Amy,

    Congratulations on reaching your goal!! I found your blog while I was researching the lap band procedure and it was a tremendous help. You continue to inspire me.


  11. You're my idol! Along with your other 533 followers.

  12. Congratulations on your goal- you look so amazing, and imagine having a significant other who is a personal trainer? Very cool! (She is also very hot, btw) :)

    I have read your whole blog, and find you such an inspiration to myself and others.

  13. OK, I just wanted to tell you that I've read your blog from start to finish over the last few days and OMG! You had me laughing, crying, laughing some more and maybe even laughing so hard I peed a little. (Shh, don't tell!)
    -SO- many different posts, I was like "OMG, me, too" OR I was like "what's going on in her BRAIN!!?"

    I love how you always point your toes and how you know you are fabulous at 327 AND at the tiny little itty bitty weight you are now.

    I'm excited to start my journey and your success is part of that reason! Thanks!!

  14. Thanks for this post! Great info! Also, I know I'm WAY late but CONGRATULATIONS on hitting your goal!!! So excited for you! You've worked hard to get here and like hundreds have said before me, you truly are inspirational.

  15. Love the post missy! And yes...congrats on reaching your goal!! What an awesome awesome accomplishment! I know you are so proud of yourself and you look fantastic momma!! Cant wait to see you in Chi town girlfriend! And I just watched your vlog...good to hear your voice again :)