Monday, March 16, 2009

This Fill Is Your Fill, This Fill Is My Fill....


So, my first fill was March 4th. I wanted to give it some time before I decided I needed another fill. Technically, my next fill appt is May 5th or something...

I can still eat pretty good. Especially at supper time. So, I am going in for another fill this Thursday! Yippee! I called today and asked if I could and they said sure. I am hoping that I get to where I can eat less. Sometimes I feel something in the morning. Sometimes, if I am eating a sandwich at lunch I can feel something...but today I remembered my nutritional instructions and how I am supposed to feel "full" at around 4 0z. What! 4 oz?! (*^^%*&%

So, I will keep you posted.

I would also like to share that I made some poor food choices this weekend. I didnt eat large quantities of anything, but I didnt eat good things either. For example, on Saturday I ate yogurt for breakfast, skipped lunch bc we were going to a 2pm bday party. I made 7-Layer bean dip for that and all I ate that afternoon was the dip, cheese, and chips. OH YEAH...and a wonderful piece of birthday cake with that precious whipped frosting.

Then yesterday...queso for lunch and I made a delicious cheeseburger pie casserole thing and a banana split pie (my parents came over). Again, I didnt eat a lot of it...but that one piece of pie had a lot of calories.

So, back on the wagon today. Or is it off? I get confused.

Also, I am going to start weighing myself once a week...on Mondays (versus 7 days a week :). If I can stick to it, I think it will help. Here's my thinking. If we are supposed to "only" lose 1-2 pounds a week...then I am setting myself up for "sad girl Amy days" when I dont lose. So, hopefully I will feel better about the 1 or 2 pounds if I weigh once a week.

Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. good luck today w/ fill #2. I have another one for monday! you're doing great amy!!! keep it up

  2. The RN who does the fills in the office told us in the pre-op class that she preferred hearing us come in and say that we felt like we were starving between meals, that we had to have snacks. I didn't understand the logic, but she said it was a better way of judging how much of a fill we needed. I'm really looking forward to the concept of a fill. Curious about the changes going on. I'm sipping on beef broth right now and it still shocks me that I can drink as much liquid as I need without feeling "full" but without feeling "hungry" either.

    I am looking forward to mushy foods because I suddenly have all of my friends with different ethnic backgrounds wanting me to try their low-cal, low-fat dips and stuff. I personally love hummus, so that's my favorite mushy that I'm looking to integrate. Or making breadless "pizza" with ricotta cheese, tomato sauce and some Parmi-Regi grated on top then cooked in the micro wave.

    In fact, I'm more looking forward to seeing how creative I can get with food than anything else. My whole view on food has been changing recently. It gives me a case of the happy face.