Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things I Am Thankful For

Summer 2006, probably 240-265lbs

It's HumpDay! We are half-way through the work week. I am thankful for that. As I was reading a post on LBT talk today about things people are going to look forward to once they lose weight, I was reminded of how lucky I am in regards to my weight "issues". Believe me, I have quite a few, but there are several that have plagued many that have not been huge for me. So...

I am thankful that:

  • I was raised in the water, on a boat, at the lake, etc. I was always in a swimsuit, and I think that is why I have never been so embarrassed about my body in a swimsuit that I cover it up or avoid it all together. One of the most wonderful things my parents gave me was my love of the water. Many of my favorite memories revolve around being in a swimsuit. And I am still making them.
  • I have always been active. I am lazy. Dont get my wrong. LOVE the couch and the tv. But, I always have danced. I went through pretty substantial bouts of working out. I swim. And I have always worked on keeping my flexibility up that I worked so hard for during my years of structured dancing.
  • That I never let me weight make me a wallflower. I was never going to be the fatgirl in the corner hiding. I was always the fat girl on the stage making others laugh. Disclaimer: I think both are extremes. And I could probably spend a good amount of therapy dealing with this issue.
  • That I have never been camera shy. When people say they don't have pictures of themselves bc they always hid from the camera. That makes me sad. Sad bc big girls are beautiful too. And sad bc I think pictures are a wonderful way to document your life.
  • I am thankful that I am in RELATIVELY good health for a morbidly obese person. Would that be an oxy moron? Healthy obese. What I mean, is that I was right on the line of things getting bad. My blood pressure was still good, my cholesterol was fine, no sleep apnea, no diabetes, etc. And now...hopeful it will just get better.

And that's all. I have tons of things that I am thankful for, but I wanted to keep it weight related. For now anyways :)


  1. I always jealous of your amazing self confidence. I can not find a before picture of myself. Only one existed, holding my second grandchild. When the jumpdrive it was on messed up, it no longer exists. Sad, huh? Sooooo, I have a 30 lbs down pic of me holding my third grandchild. It will have to do. I really don't even have many pictures of myself with my own children when they were younger. I hate the camera and have for a very long time. It makes me sad to think about and admit that. :( You are an amazing and extremely fun person. Dang I wished you lived a little closer. :) OH, and in response to your post above feels like it is going to rain for 5 years here also. Ugh, I am tired of rain!!!!!!! It did, however, cancel school today, so there IS an upside.


  2. I'm healthy obese too. No problems with my thyroid, blood sugar, blood pressure, nothing. I have sinus problems but they don't cause me sleep deprivation.

    Same thing with being unhealthy skinny. And I'm not just talking about the anorexic models or actresses, but average thin people who actually are sick on the inside because in their life, they learned they could eat anything and not gain weight, so they tend to actually eat more junk food, are more prone to smoking and less likely to exercise regularly. Go figure.

    I mentioned before that I go back and forth between being introverted and extroverted. I've never turned down a dare, was willing to try anything, even bungee jumped when I was 19 (and about 160 and thought I was obese then) even though I'm scared of heights. I was on the Banners squad my junior year in high school (not sure if that is what your school called them, but we carried the shields in the parades.

    Lately I've been feeling rather introverted and not hanging out with people like I should. I have no idea how to explain it, especially since seeing family around the holidays is my favorite a part of the year.

  3. Like you I'm the "healthy obese" gawsh, not sure why that's so hard to say. I haven't had any health problems related to being overweight which is one of my motivations to lose weight. I'm healthy minus the obese part and I want to stay that way.
    I've always been an active person, I was always up to something. I feel like I'm never home. Sometimes I have those days where I just want to blend end or not do things. I was always the bigger girl in my friend group and that was hard, especially when it came to shopping an all that. Bathing suits were never really an issue with me. I love anything water related. I'm even getting certified to scuba dive now. I love my life but I'm ready to be a better me.