Friday, March 13, 2009

Blood and Laughter

So, after lunch today I went to the main hospital (I work for a health care system) to give blood. I was sitting in the little privacy booth (I mean, what screams privacy more than a cubicle with 3 walls). The lady was asking me questions...where do I live, whats my social, have I ever had sex with a donkey...etc. Then, she asked me my weight, and without hesitation I said 193.


I then realized what I had said, and started laughing. I said..."that's not true..I weigh 293! Wishful thinking I guess". Just thought that was funny.


  1. Amy, look at the difference in your face already. The pic you posted is now right next to your profile pic and the difference is obvious. WTG!

    Oh, and congrats on not letting loose at yoga. I know that must have been difficult! Continue to enjoy it, you will probably receive many benefits from it. I wish I had enough gumption to go, but alas, I am a coward. :(


  2. Again, I couldn't donate blood (and I'm the type they always need, O+) but sit me down and tattoo me all day. :)

    And I know I'm learning about you as I go through here, but you have such a warmly beautiful and inviting smile. You look like you're smiling with your whole face and that it's 100 percent genuine. I bet you can talk anyone into just about anything if you smile at them. :)