Monday, March 23, 2009

I have to Vent

Okay. So, someone just gave me a caps lock ANYWAY on lapbandtalk. Listen, if you any of you know Myers-Briggs types, I am an ENFJ...what that translates too...I am the ultimate people person. Conflict and me are like oil and water. I dont like it. I want everyone to like me. However, I believe that if someone is saying derogatory things about a group of people...I need to say something. So let me give you the Cliff Notes of what transpired.

The other person: "Gay men stick gerbils up their butt"
Me: "Um...urban legend. I know lots of gay men and none of them have stuck gerbils up their ass".
The other person: "and, if a straight guy wants to try things up his butt, he is probably gay"
Me: "no, again...not true"
Another other person: "Oh, its not an urban legend. My mom works at a hospital and..."
Me: "Well isnt that how all urban legends start...with an I know someone who saw it once". I dont like statements that hint at bigotry".
Original other person: "I wasnt talking about it couldnt be a bigoted statement. ANYWAYS!"

End of recap

So, I removed myself from the thread. I dont want to argue. But I didnt like the implications. Now that I have vented. I fill better. Sorry if this is random.

I would just like to add this is what I get for leaving the section of Lapbandtalk that deals with the actual lapband. Lesson learned.

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  1. I'm a first week Aquarius, wood element Tiger and an ENFP, all of which translate into "the Inspirer." I like the concept of being thought of as people's muse. My boyfriend is an ENFJ like you and a Libra at the same time, so he's extra careful about balancing everything out. Where I'm vague and expect people to understand me (or make whatever they want out of it) he always strives to be completely understood in the manner in which he wants. Of course, both of us have the lowest ranking in our E's, so sometimes in certain situations, we flip on who's going to be more extroverted in a given situation.

    Off topic moment? I bought some Fanta flavoured Bonnie Bell lip smackers so that I could have orange, strawberry or grape smell on my mouth even if I can't eat stuff like that in any way right now. I'm graped up and my lips are drinking in the moisture. Win all around!