Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nearly 6 Months Without Stepping on the Scale

Well, June 1st will mark the half way point of my New Year's Resolution of not weighing myself.  I still don't miss it, although it's odd to start a "diet" without having a number to guide you.  So, since Heather wanted us to "detox" from some of our recent bad food and drink behaviors, and thus, we are juicing, protein shaking, and clean eating for 7 days, I DID take my measurements this morning.  The last time I measured was January 1st.  I am up about 2" on most body parts.  I am in my size 12's, but I would really like to be in my size 10's.  I'm not really feeling dejected by any of this news.  It's just where I am now and I am here because I eat relatively liberally (um...if I want it, I eat it), and I have been drinking like Madmax and Charlize Theron after they find water in the desert...but I am not talking about water! mmmmmkay?

So our plan for the week is a protein shake for breakfast (I blend frozen fruit in mine), I will eat a healthy meal (something I have made) for lunch, and juicing for dinner...or some combination of those things.  We can snack on clean items only..preferably non-packaged items like fresh fruits and veggies, but can also do nuts and things with less than 5 ingredients listed (and we have to know and be able to pronounce those five ingredients).  Oh...and at least 100 ounces of water.  Oh...and no beer expect on the weekend we can have 6 drinks.  Bahah...Heather came up with that number, and that's for both Saturday and Sunday.  So we can split and do say...3 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday....or just drink all 6 on Saturday (you get the idea).

In other news, we celebrated Heather's birthday week by catching a baseball game....

 Losing our kickball game...but Heather gained this ironic tshirt that I bought her...so it wasn't really a loss.
 Cuddling on the couch with Bear.  He is so very very special.
 And then we headed to my parent's boat in Scottsboro, Al for the weekend.  We invited our friends Bethany (PowPow) and Todd (Toddrick) along.
 Heather motivated us all to take the little boat to land Saturday morning for separate workouts, and she was the first one in the water after we got back to the big boat.
Saturday was a beautiful day on the river.  My niece and her friend Jesse came down from Nashville to hang out with us.  I started drinking somewhere around 10ish and managed to go through at least 3 cycles of drunk before retiring to bed at 9pmish.  I know.  I am impressive.
 And finally...I leave you with this.
This was last year and I can't remember if I shared this at the time...but Heather and I were at a pool party and we decided to work on the dirty dancing lift, so as to impressive all of our friends at the pool.  Well, it wasn't really working in the water (basically I blame Heather because she is no Jennifer Grey and can't hold form for even a damn second), so we decided it would be a better idea for her to run, jump off the side of the pool, and I would catch her.  

Uh...none of our "friends" tried to stop us.

So she came flying full force at my head, her body hit my hands, my arms collapsed and she basically pile drove (I know that's not technically a word), my head into my body cavity.  Disaster.  Life lessons happen all the time.


  1. The dirty dancing thing has me pee-pee'ing in my business-casual outfit. Thanks! LMAO!!

  2. OMG! I'm glad your "friends" had the sense to photograph the Dirty Dancing routine. That's awesome!

    Just thinking about not getting on the scale for six months has me feeling panicky. You're so brave!

    You look beautiful! I love the picture of you and Heather. And the shirt is hysterical.