Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 2 of Clean Eating: MAN...I'm SuperFit

I always enjoy the temporary high I get when I have been making healthier food choices for say...oh...almost 24 hours.  It's like all of a sudden I look skinnier, my pants are a little looser, and my skin is glowing.  Now, the truth may be that I may actually be bloated, my pants are ripping at the seams, and I have a bad case of adult acne...

but if it's so....

don't tell me yo!

Heather concocted this diet idea of juicing and protein shaking and clean eating, and in true fashion, yesterday...around 2pm, I got a text from her saying she was starving and that we should quit and have pizza and beer.

Yeah.  You read that right.  HEATHER is the quitter.  Not me.  But I said NO.  NO NO GIRLFRIEND.  WE BE ON A DIET.

And although she wined and cried, and came home and asked if the green salsa verde we had in the fridge was considered "clean" and that she would eat it with a spoon...we persevered.  We juiced for din din and had a pickle for dessert.

Today I had a protein shake blended with a cup of frozen peaches for me old breakfast, and then I had a Kind bar for a snack.  THEN, I went to Fresh Market and bought all sorts of "clean" snacks and ate a damn pear.  For lunch I had my black bean soup (you can find the recipe here, along with some of my other favorite soup recipes), and I am drinking my juice I made this morning.  Plugging right along.

Hope all is well my little lovelies!



  1. Yesterday I ate nothing but fruits and veggies all friggin' day, with the exception of my one AM protein shake. I have to say my belly is less bloated, and I always wish I could eat that way every day. Sigh.

  2. No one can diet like a former fat girl (says a former fat girl)!

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