Friday, February 6, 2015

Running for Deep Fried Meat

Tomorrow we will run the Pensacola Double Bridge Run (15k).  As Pensacola is a coastal town, we have two bridges that lead to Pensacola Beach, and thus...the name of the run may lack a bit of creativity but does pretty much sum the run up in a nutshell.  SO, we start in Pensacola, traverse two bridges with a little land thrown in between, and end up, 9.3 miles later, at Pensacola Beach.  This is our third year running this particular race, and mama really wants to beat her time from last year...which as one hour and 33 minutes.  BUT, I may have been on performance enhancing drugs last year because I ran like THE WIND! first mile was 9'20" pace.  And my slowest mile as a 10'43".  For these stubby little legs, that's like hurricane strength wind.
And I shaved 20 minutes off my time from the previous it was an accomplishment.  LONG story short, I am hoping to beat my time this year by at least one minute.  Just a minute. That's all I need.

However, I do have some pre-race poop anxiety.  Because you know that story about Azalea pooping on the side of the road is enough to make anyone worry.  I mean...once you get on the first bridge...that bridge is 3 miles long and there ain't nary a bathroom until you get off that damn thing.  So, I am probably gonna wear black spandex capris, because if I have to shit my pants I want it to be contained.


But I am sure it will be fine.  

Returning to the original point of this post was to talk about that beautiful food creation posted when I began typing.  That is called a Monte Cristo sandwich.  And if you have never had one, I hate it for you, because you have not lived your life to it's fullest and it's a damn shame.  Some of you may have partaken in eating a Monte Cristo if you ever frequented a restaurant named Bennigans.  As I believe all Bennigans have closed now...they may be harder to find.  But if you are a good food huntress, you can still find them from time to time.  

Over the summer, Rachel and I went to grab a bite to eat mid beach bike pub crawl.  At first she guffawed at my order...but I made her take a bite of this battered ham, turkey, and cheese deep-fried blessing from the Gods...and she actually teared up a bit.  That's how I really knew that her and I were meant to be friends...anyone who tears up at the pure deliciousness of food...well we recognize a place deep in our former fat girl souls.  Anyways, we made a solemn vow that day that come the Double Bridge Run in February of 2015, we would once again return and fill our belly's with the Monte Cristo.

So tomorrow, I am running for that damn sammie at the end.  Did I tell you they serve it with a side of raspberry jam?  I MEAN WHAT!?!?  

And for those of your sitting in your chair right now judging me and thinking that you would not enjoy such a shut your hateful mouth.  At least until you come to visit me and you give it a try.  Or, if you are a vegetarian.  Cuz meat aint your thing and I honor that.  Respect.  But for the rest of you....this sandwich is waiting.

Don't resist.

When I was searching for pictures of the Monte Cristo online...I came across this one:


is it me or do those look like...

"ham wallets"?  They are like little sammie version of vaginas.


You're welcome.


  1. I'm a Southerner. I both pity and cannot understand people who aren't compelled to deep fry everything that won't deep fry them back. 😂

  2. The last picture made me giggle... for real! Love this post and I have apparently not lived a full life. Luckily, there is still time.

  3. OMG, it's multiple Vajajay's on a plate! That is hilarious!

  4. Mmmm... looks good! (fat girl mind here) I would so try it.

  5. i thought that before i read your comment.... lol

  6. I love your posts. Always make me giggle. Well, in all honesty, they first make me chastise myself because I can't get my ass off the sofa to workout for 20 minutes and you tell these awesome stories about your runs and workouts. I stand up - I swear. I think - Amy would be so proud of me if I can post some awesome workout story. Then I sit back down. Can't wait to live vicariously through you again and hear about your run.

  7. The quick transition from poop to Monte Cristo about killed me. Ha! I pretty much do everything I do for fried meat.