Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh What A Night-Day 3

My night was horrible. I cried. Felt a little sorry for myself.

We have a waterbed (not for much longer...we just ordered a Sleep By Number bed off QVC), which is really high and hard to get out of on a regular day. So I made a bed on my couch. Well, around midnight I woke up with back and shoulder I thought it was gas. So I tried to make the pillows into a recliner...and tried to sleep upright. Around 4 I woke up and I just hurt. Back, shoulder, butt, stomach, leg, etc.

I cried on Tracey's shoulder. I took my Gas-X strips, took the nasty liquid Loritab, and waddled to the waterbed. Tracey helped me up. It felt so good to lay down. I fell asleep.

So now I am up, showered, feeling better. I am going to go for a walk outside and come back and try to drink a protein shake.

Here is a pic of my incisions. They are still covered with the tape. My Doc said the stitches are on the inside. The big one towards the top is my port!


  1. I am sorry you are having terrible gas pains. I was lucky enough not to have but 2 real episodes with it. If it settle in your back have Tracey "burp" you like a baby. I had my husband and daughter do that to me and it seemed to help. Walking, of course will help the gas moving process and some say that a heating pad helps also. I slept every night in the bed, but could not get out of bed unassisted for at least 4 nights. Someone had to help me sit up and then I could get out of the bed.

    I had a waterbed when I was first married, but as I got older it was less comfortable for me. You will probably LOVE your sleep number bed. Keep your pain meds in you and I hope you feel better.


  2. It is so weird how the placement of incisions vary...All five of are in a line across, about an inch or two about my belly button...
    I have been getting okay sleep in my bed, but am so annoyed that I cannot sleep on my belly! I hope the sleep number works better for ya!

  3. I know. My port is much higher than I thought it would be.

    I slept on my stomach for the first time last night. I didnt really have any problem, but I kept turning over bc I felt like I might break something internally lol! It's my favorite way to sleep.

    I will for sure post on the new bed when we get it. It has to be better than the waterbed from hell :)

  4. My incisions are pretty close to being exactly like yours, other than the camera went right in through my belly button, so I just have the 4 visible tape marks and my rolls are sticking together at my "waist" so I couldn't see the tape on my BB until I finished my shower right now!

    I was really badly restless yesterday because even though the pain killer made me sleepy, I couldn't find a good position to be in, I finally crawled into bed (ours is mercifully a softish-firmish regular mattress) around 1am and slept until 5:30am or so, when my incision sites started begging for more pain killer.

    I'm happiest to be rid of the shoulder pain for the time being. No way to burp that stuff out! Argh!