Friday, January 23, 2009

Commercials, Hamburgers, & Other Things That Go Bump In the Night

Have you ever noticed how many commercials deal with food? I'm sure you have! But have your REALLY noticed? When I don't have something DVR'd, I am forced to watch commercials. And now that I am on a diet of water, jello, and seems like every commercial is about food.

Did you know that Whataburger came out with a Double Patty Melt. I don't even like Whataburger and when I see the would think that it was my favorite restaurant.

Have you seen the Red Lobster commercial? I hate seafood. But I might stick my tongue in the cup of butter they serve with lobster.

Tracey let me suck the salt off of his pretzel last night. A pretzel stick. I really wanted to accidentally bite down on it...just to be able to crunch on something.

I heard my stomach rumble last night. Didn't know what that was at first. I can't tell you last time I heard that noise! lol

My boyfriend, bless his heart...weighs about 153 pounds. He asked me if I wanted him to eat in the garage last night. I said no. He is supportive of my choice, excited for me to be healthier. He loves me as I am. He thinks I am sexy. I swear he does and I can't figure it out. But I'll take it! When someone has never struggled with their weight though, I dont think they can really understand. He has sympathy, but not empathy. I think that's why so many people flock to the Forums online. It helps to find people that REALLY understand.

I will leave you with a picture. This is us after getting caught in a rainstrom waiting to see Sugarland.


  1. It always amazes me that my weight didn't bother my husband (155lbs). He is, however, enjoying being able to put his arms all the way around me and touch the opposite side. He says if I never lost another pound it would be worth it, because my health is so much better now. You don't have much longer on the pre op diet. How long are they requiring liquids for post op?

    crzytchr AKA Cindy

  2. I am on the liquid diet for 6 days. I think I have to stop the protein shakes tomorrow. My instructions say "Stop Protein shakes on Sunday". SO does that mean the morning or night? I just don't know. lol

  3. I got banded January 8th,2009. I just want to say that it was the easiest surgery I have ever went through. I can take pain pretty good but I didn't believe there was that much pain for what it was. The port incision hurts the most. But it was a quick recovery. I was up walking around the night of my surgery. I also wanted you to know that the hunger feeling will come and go. Some are going to be worse then others but you can over come them just like me. The good thing is after you are banded you can not eat that donut or that pizza cause you will be sick and we don't want that. I do not think it is fair that they put you on a liquid diet 2 weeks before you are not going to be able to eat anything for a month or so. It makes me chuckle. I was on death row. The food chanel to me is now like porn is to men. LOL Well this is my first ever post on anything. So I probably rambled but I am very excited for you and me and I hope everything goes well for you. I am excited to see your results. Take care.

  4. Ramble away! Your food channel comment cracked me up...I am bummed I didnt think of that one! We went to the movies this weekend and I kept saying to my boyfriend "If you want to get some will be okay" blink blink "I will just eat a few pieces." He didnt cave thank God.

    Keep sharing your progress with me.

  5. I met my boyfriend online when he became a reader of the blog I wrote on MySpace to start. When he emailed me, the first I thought was, "He's cute." The second thing I thought was, "He's so small." In fact, the first time we met in person the second thing I thought was the first thing that I said to him out loud. He's 5'8", fluctuates between 155-160 and has weird eating habits because when he was in his early 20's, his weight went up to 200 pounds and he claims he did not wear it well BECAUSE he is so small boned.

    He had trouble getting a girlfriend because he didn't like the way he looked, so he took that ephedra stuff to lose the weight and it came off too fast, so now he's a thin man at his regular weight with a flap of skin on his belly that he is constantly talking about. Darling, please. I WISH I had a flap, try living with these ROLLS. Try the sweating behind the knees. Or being the only chick at 34 who wears one piece "grandma" bathing suits with skirts attached, you know the kind.

    But he's supportive like your boyfriend. Not only has he become a dad to my little girl without question accepting both her and me, he moved from Washington state 2 years ago on January 21st to be with the both of us. I have never been able to successfully restrict my caloric intake, so when he first got here (I was around 275 pounds then and still didn't understand why he wanted to BE WITH me, since we were such good friends to start off with) I went on the Atkins diet. He helped by not buying junk food in the house and made my lunches and cooked dinner for us every night. But I also was eating at least 3000 calories a day because I could eat all I wanted - just not carbs. And baby, considering how much I love cheese, I'm surprised I'm not French or got up to 500 pounds while doing that diet.

    My metabolism is completely shot because of how I treated my body, but here's this man who loves me, puts up with me (I've hidden behind being the "funny" or "fun" girl in my life too) and still tells me daily how sexy and beautiful I am to him. Even when my regular outfits are jeans and baggy t-shirts and hoodies. Even when I squeeze my lower stomach flap and ask him how he can love that.

    My 9 year old daughter and my boyfriend are both Libras - these balanced, stable people to my offbeat Aquarius ways. Olivia (Liv for short) wrote me an inspirational poster when I was gaining back the weight from my last Atkins encounter and her written "type" was "Beliv in yourself. So I had her rewrite it in colors and now have "BeLiv in Yourself" tattooed on my inner left lower arm. I did it two weeks before the surgery and looked at it frequently as I lowered my calories as best I could and went (and am going through) this liquid diet phase.

    She put heart stickers on every Wednesday on the calendar and says "Open up, time for your B-12!" (I loved giving her the vocabulary word sublingual since my mom is an English teacher, so I grew up in a household that loved reading and languages in general.) I have been writing in a food journal and then she's calculating my calorie and protein intake. She loves mixing up my protein drinks.

    My comment got too long!


  6. LOL... there was more in that comment that I had to "trim the fat" from because it was too long. Sorry about that.