Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy 2013 my friends!  Isn't the start of a new year so damn fun?  I am one of the few that probably still uses an actual pen and paper calendar for work, and there is that dreaded "in between" time when you are still using 2012 AND using 2013. Well not today folks...not today!  Today there is only one planner on my desk and it's 2013.  Full of so many possibilities yes?  I mean, the January 1st is like the Monday of ALL Mondays...even if happened to be a Tuesday this year.

You know what I mean.  We are always going to be starting something on Monday.  And now I bet most of us plan/planned on starting something yesterday.  You may have already screwed up.  And that's okay! I was going to run yesterday.

I didn't.

So I will pretend tomorrow is January 1st.  Yippeee.  Like Groundhog's day.

I have been off for about 10 days.  For those of you who continue to say "you couldn't be a stay-at-home-girlfriend, you would get bored", I continue to say WROOOOONG!  I love being home.  Anywhoozle, we were piled up on the couch the other day doing one of my favorite things to do with Heather....

NO.  Not that. 

We were watching documentaries via Netflix.  We started with
It was wonderful and free is you have streaming on Netflix.  About midway through the movie, it mentioned juicing.  Basically, if you aren't EATING your 7-10 servings of Fruits & Veggies a day, they recommend juicing them.  Heather turned towards me and said "We need a juicer"...and turned towards Heather and said "Okay".

I mean, let's be honest.  I've kinda wanted a juicer my whole life...and here was my chance. 

Let me pause there before I get carried away about our new juicer (hold on's coming).

The film talk a lot about how we may be fatter than ever, but we are actually starving.  Starving for nutrition.  This really hit home to me because even after the lapband, I was consuming mucho less food...and yes...I did add some better choices..but for the most part, I was just eating a smaller amount of the same kinds of food as pre-surgery.  For example, pre-lapband I would get a Big Mac.  Post lapband, I would make my own hamburger, without a bun of course, but still smothered in cheese, mayo, ketchup...etc.  We consume so much unhealthy food that our bodies are starving for the good stuff. 

Too bad the good stuff sometimes taste like poo rolled in grass.

So, if you buy a good masticating juicer...the juice is ALMOST as good for you as the real thing (you still get a little more fiber from eating the veggie in pure form...

So we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get us a juicer.  Now in my mind, I am thinking somewhere around the $150 price point.  We go in, and there are some juicers around $70...and then several around $150....and then one that was $379.  Well I point to the midrange and Heather points to the grand daddy ($379).  Now, she was technically paying for this juicer so I was like "OKAY, let's get it!" Even though once her credit card bill comes I will be paying for it listening to her complain and moan.  But, we picked up the box and headed to the checkout with one of my 2,098 Bed Bath and Beyond coupons that I hoard just in case I ever need to build a hut out of them in the wilderness.

Omega VRT350HD Vertical Silver Juicer

After a quick stop at the grocery store, we went home to test drive our new baby.  I learned several things that day about juicing.   1.  It's kinda awesome.  The "pulp" that comes out the other end is mesmerizing. 2.  Any recipe that calls for BELL PEPPER should probably be avoided.  Because it takes like you are drinking a BELL PEPPER.  And mama don't play that. 3.  Even though your juicing book may ASSUME you know, they should not assume.  You apparently are supposed to remove the rind from the damn oranges.  If you don't, the drink will taste just like you are actually eating rind.  And no one likes that. 4.  Carrots are a good base for all juices.  I am thankful we belong to Sam's club. 5.  It's kinda fun and addicting!

SO...are you still with me?...

Heather and I decided we would do a juice cleanse for 7 days.  And then somehow that turned into 10 days.  And I told her she couldn't do it...and she told me if I could do it, then she could do it.  And then I said "Hunny...I did clear liquids for 2 weeks for surgery...I can JUICE...mmmmkay"?

But that means for her:

1. no beer
2.  no coffee
3.  no gum

nothing but what comes out of our juicer.  So 3 days into our juice...someone better make sure we haven't killed each other.  I will be craving chocolate and nachos and she will be craving her beer.

Oh it's gonna be awesome. 

But honestly, more than any weight I may lose from doing this, I am excited to see if getting my veggies and fruit will help with my complexion, my hair, my energy...

I will OF COURSE keep you posted.

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. have you watched fat sick and nearly dead? also free on netflix. it has the same guy (joe cross) who's in hungry for change. and i found it pretty watchable and compelling. he and a random american 450 lb trucker that he stumbled across while driving across the us both go on 60 day juice fasts and change their lives.

    it's motivating. you'll be all 7 days, pshaw, i'm never eating hamburger again ;)

  2. Sounds interesting...Keep us posted!

  3. I've always wanted to juice! ALWAYS!

  4. juiced after i watched fat sick and nearly dead it was a great movie lost my way a little but i think i need to watch this one and jump on the juicing bandwagon right now its soooooooooooooooo good 4 u makes u feel great thanx for lettin me know bout this movie pushin play as we speak lol

  5. Can't wait to hear how this juicing turns out!

  6. Keep us posted...I always wanted one of those bad boys! Good Luck.

  7. I watched that movie, too! And also liked Far, Sick and Nearly Dead. I can't wait to see how it goes. I'm very intrigued by the whole juicing thing!

  8. Yay! You can get some of those sweat pants that say Juicy across the Butt...

  9. I just watched that on Netflix! It definitely clears some things up for you in a way that is relatable. Good luck getting all juicy :)

  10. Love these documentaries! I'm a juicer too. Have been for a while but I'm trying to go 80% raw. The Gerson Therapy is also really good to watch. Good luck to you guys juicing!