Sunday, January 6, 2013

Juicing Day 4: Still Alive

Well, none of you must have been concerned that I had rode a juice truck off a bridge...because I havent received any panic emails from you, but JUST in case any of you have been staying up nights worrying about my well-being, Heather and I have made it to day 4 without killing each other or anyone else.  Day one was really the toughest.  Heather called my office at 11:30 am...after being awake and "juicing" for less than 5 hours and said "I can't do this".  So I marched right over to HER office and told her that she can do this and that she will do this because WE AREN'T QUITTERS...and if she WANTED to quit then everyone would know it (she is such a sucker for peer pressure).   She said "I haven't told anyone we are juicing", I told her "Well, I've told EVERYONE".  So, she sucked it up and drank her juice (holding her nose like a big girl).

Day 2 I made a juice with 3 cups of blueberries, a couple handfuls of spinach, a carrot, and a orange.  That was much better.

Yesterday gave birth to our favorite juice so far called Peach Pie.  It called for 3 sweet potatoes, 2 golden delicious, 4 peaches and some cinnamon.  Now it should be noted that I thought perhaps this was going to be DIS-GUST-ING.  I mean, who wants to drink sweet potatoes?!?  But guess what? It really tasted like a peach pie!  I mean...minus the pie part. 

I almost...ALMOST snuck a couple of peanuts last night.  They are taunting me from the cabinet.  A sane person would throw them away.  But who ever said I was sane.

Our Double Bridge Run on February 2nd is fast approaching. It's 9.2 miles and I havent ran in weeks.  We set out yesterday for a 6 mile run.  It was sad.  Both Heather and I walked at least half.  My goal is to do that route 2 more times this week, improving my time each time.  The thing about the run coming up is, there is a "sag wagon" that follows the slowest person and if you don't keep a 14 minute pace...they pick you up.

I won't be the slowest person, but I COULD get picked up if I dont get to steady training.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend!



  1. Day 4!!! Epic! You inspired me to fire up the ole juicer and add in some green juice. I'm def not as hardcore as you guys but still plodding along!

  2. Happy to hear you are both still alive and juicing!

  3. Love your blog! Awesome job juicing and thanks for the recipe. I never thought to put sweet potatoes in my juicer.

  4. I don't think I could ever just live on liquids so good on you two for giving it the college try. It's supposed to change your life. And I know about those voices from the closet. I wonder if we let them out if they wouldn't talk so much.

  5. Day 4! You are a badass! Good work... you are definetly inspiring.

  6. Ha! I made it 3 hours on our juice diet. I feel for Heather. My husband lasted a week. Keep it up you two!

  7. I love reading your blogs! Congrats on reaching day 4! Keep posting!!

  8. I do smoothies most every morning-- spinach is a great thing to throw in because it doesn't ruin taste.
    Can you have tea on your fast? I actually use a green tea (sometimes flavored with berries) base, add yogurt, and then throw in various fruits. Mmmm.
    Enjoy juicing- I could not give up my coffee without serious consequences so I will never be the juicing type, but good luck on this!!!

  9. I'm starting the Dr. Oz 3 day cleanse on Friday. Are you using a juicer or blender? I'll be using the VitaMix so I'm getting the whole fruit, pulp and all. I figure that might help to stay full longer than just the juice.
    BTW, did you cook the sweet potato first?

  10. Peach pie juice sounds delicious and was probably a much nicer colour. Well done for making Heather stick to your goals. You're both doing a great job.

    Don't worry about the race. You have been a running machine for a long time now. You're just a little out of practice. You'll be back on track in no time.