Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 5 Juicing: Things I Miss

Ooooh, it sounds so fantastic to say day FIVE of juicing.  I am trying to convince Heather that perhaps the original plan of a 7-day fast will suffice, versus her initial idea to fast for 10 I will let you know how that turns out...but I am half way through day 5 and it really hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. 

Today was weigh-in day for me.  Monday's have always been my day.  Last Tuesday (we were out of town on Monday), I weighed 186.6.  Today I weighed 179.0 (I will change my ticker asap).  So in 6 days, 4 of those juicing, I have lost 7.6 pounds.  Seeing the 170's again is SO nice.  I probably haven't seen anything in the 170's for 6 months or so.  I need to check my log.  I am looking forward to seeing 177 and getting past that, because for the longest time I hovered around 177.

When I initially reached my goal of 170, and then went a little regain usually came in 3 pound sets.  I would gain 3 pounds or so...and hover there for a month or two.  Then I would gain 3 more pounds, and hover there for a month or so.

Rinse and repeat.

That's how it happens.  When you are up "just 3 pounds", it doesn't sound that bad.  Until that "up 3 pounds" weight becomes your new normal.  And then you put on another 3 pounds...and before you know it, you have gained 20 pounds.

My goal this time around is to hit 165 and remain the 160's.  I want to hit 165 by May 18th.  And to do that, (I just rolled my my own self...)I am going to have to do better in prepping my meals and making meals for us at home.  Yes...I love broccoli now (steamed).  And sometimes I try other veggies (besides the bad "Workman veggies if you will: canned green beans, canned peas, potatoes, corn)...but I need to do better with incorporating other veggies into my diet.

Last weekend Sharika (the other Heather) made some cabbage.  And I ate some of it with my pork chop and it wasn't half bad!

I need to maintain a focus on more good, less bad. 

I really thought I would be craving and missing sugar/sweets more than I have been since juicing.  I am craving salty treats chips, nuts, cheetos :)  I am also just missing FOOD.  Seriously, I can't go on Pinterest. It's dangerous.  And Groupon?  Hell, I bought a food groupon just the other day because I was jonesing! 

But I can't wait for our first meal.  And what's crazy's not even a binge meal I am planning in my head.  I want grilled chicken breast and yes...cabbage! 

I want steamed broccoli.

I want almonds.

My FEAR is, that I am not very good at "just having one".  You know, you arent supposed to say "I'm NEVER having pop (soda) again"...because you just end up thinking about and craving pop all the time...but what if I have one Pepsi and it starts a landslide?

I guess I will figure it out as I go.

Such is life friends.

Happy Monday.  Keep fighting the good fight!


  1. Fantastic loss Amy. Well done. But what's with the quitting the juice challenge after 7 days. Just the other day you had to talk Heather into keeping going and now you're trying to back out? Would she let you give up 7 k into a 10 k run? Pull up those big girl panties and stick it out. We know you can xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Keep it up my friend! I totally understand that "3 pounds = 20 as the new normal" and have kicked it back into gear myself! Keeping up with you quietly on the blog front and miss you!

  3. DAAAAAM! Good job! You got this SH in the bag!

  4. Fantastic! Great loss...and I hear you about the incremental gain - that's how I gained back about 12 pounds this fall - hover, then gain 4 pounds, then sucks! Keep it up girl - can't wait to see how it all ends up!

  5. Excellent! Sugar is evil. Good to get that out of your system! Way to go Lady.

  6. Awesome! Keep going! My weight seemed to come in 3 lbs as well. I gained 71 pounds from pregnancy (eek!) and lost about 75 from eating better and juicing after watching those documentaries on Netflix. Good luck!

  7. Sitting here at 3 lbs up from where I was (not goal for damned sure), this really hit home.

    And you make me want to start juicing. Bloody hell. I swore after 2 weeks of pre-op that I wouldn't go straight liquids for that long again. Grrrr.

  8. I have unsubscribed from just about every recipe and food board on Pinterest because if I didn't do that, I would have to give up Pinterest. It helps.

  9. Alright, I have recently bought a juicer myself. I think I should maybe try and do a juice fast now. My fiance is working nights 6 days a week so I'm on my own for dinner 6 out of 7 days. I could do this! I'm going to do this! I will be accountable!