Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh. I am blowing up blogger dashboard today.

I have been blogging in my head cuddlebums, and so now I will continue to do nine million posts in one day.


Let's talk about some things. A mish-mash of musings. A menagerie of mindless mumblings. A percocet of perky thoughts (no...that one doesn't work does it?)


I cannot believe that very soon I will be meeting so many of you. You should know that I have not planned a damn thing. I am just going to show up and hope that you will let me hang out with you. I think time is going to fly by so quickly, and I just want to enjoy the ride. I need to spend some time over the next week getting my mind focused on our two day adventure. What to pack, how to pack, when is my flight, how shall I find the hotel...when will Oprah take me to lunch...


Maintenance Land

Today I weighed in at 169. That made me giggle a little because if you take away the 1, you have 69. And I am a 12 year old. But anywhoozle, I am maintaining my goal weight with relative ease. I haven't been dieting, I have been working out. I have been drinking a little. I have been eating some crappy food. I havent been at the top of my game...yet I am still holding pretty steady.

I guess what this means is I know what it will take to stay around this weight. I also know that if I were to make some better choices, I could probably lose a little more. I have been thinking about it. I briefly entertained the idea of doing a two week weight loss blitz just to see what I could lose before Chicago...

But I am going to tell ya something. I don't really wanna. I am enjoying being where I am right now.


Oh...I will save this for a separate post I think.

More Pictures

This weekend my parents brought the ski boat down to Pensacola. We headed down the intercoastal to Destin, Florida. I skii'd a little on the way. I know I have said it before, but skiing makes me so happy. I feel free and fit and young. I feel like my body is working with me. I feel alive. I think I will retire earlier and then become a professional skier and blogger. Yes? Okay...maybe not.

Here is my dad (Big Al), my mom Marge, my sister Tracey, and me! This is my bargain bikini from Target. It is the first triangle top I have ever been able to own or wear. And even though I don't like my tummy in a bikini...my girlfriend thought I was sexy...and that's good enough for me.
Here is Heather hard at work cleaning the boat. She was sucking up to my dad...and boy did it work. I am pretty sure if there was a will, I would be out, and she would be in.

It was another great day. I just wish a little bottlenose porpoise would have swam up to us so we could have grabbed it's fins and went on a ride. Oh well...maybe next time.


  1. Hey there! Happy belated b-day -- loved the new photos! Am really looking forward to Chicago, too. Just booked a ticket for the architectural tour -- hope to see you on there!

  2. HOLY bat balls! That bikini top is HOT! WOWZERS!

  3. I love the pictures. You look so happy. I can't believe Chicago is so close. I'm just warning you now that I will be asking for your autograph. Just saying. I probably won't be the only one so you might want to rest up your writing hand.

  4. LOL@Bonnie!! I'm sad I will miss the Chicago trip, but I'm sure you guys will do another.

  5. As always, you're looking great! And Heather is ALL muscle. I want her arms!

    Happy belated birthday, Amy!

  6. Looks like fun! I love the new pix at the top of the blog.

    You look beautiful and happy.

  7. Happy belated!!! It sounds like you've been having tons of fun, and I can't wait to hear what you have to say about Oprah, because I think we should barrage her site with requests for AT LEAST a producer to come and meet with all of us while in her city(you would be our spokesperson, clearly)!!!

    Can we figure out a way to let her know where we're going to be for dinner and invite them to come???

  8. Hey, we were at Crab Island this past Sunday! When were you there? You look fab as usual and especially happy :)

  9. Happy belated bday! You are looking so great, Amy! You should be so proud!

  10. Amazing photos... It's not enough that you are incredibly beautiful but you are so happy that the sun smiles in your face. And you are so friggin' hot in that bikini! *Maria*